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tungsten 04-11-22 06:21 PM

Increasing axle to crown
So, my Baselines fork has an axle-crown of 395mm and rake of 50mm. Frame is 74st/71ht angle.

Besides slacker angles how do you think swapping the fork for one with a 410mm axle/crown and 53mm rake would affect handling?

chas58 04-12-22 08:27 AM

I do that all the time - in a fashion. I like going fat on my front tire, and may run 54mm front, 38mm rear.

Generally, doing this adds more trail (effectively reducing the head tube angle although in my case I'm increasing the tire diameter which increases the trail too), and makes the bike easier to ride in challenging conditions - makes the bike a little more stable.
increasing the rake is going to reduce the trail a bit, so in effect they counter ballance each other a little (although that change in rake is hardly noticeable).
you can go to a trail calculator and play with the numbers - Bicycle Trail Calculator |

Chilepines 04-12-22 09:32 PM

Rule of thumb is 10 mm increase in axle-crown will decrease head angle 0.5 degrees. This will increase trail about 4 mm. You are then taking away 3 mm of trail with more fork offset so the difference is minimal.

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