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Immersive Chain Waxing Video

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Immersive Chain Waxing Video

This is the method I use for immersive waxing the chain on my gravel bike. It is a bit of work as detailed in the video so it is NOT for everyone. However, I think the results are particularly well suited for dry gravel riding. Enjoy - hope you find it useful.

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This is basically the same method I use, as learned from the mega thread on chain waxing in the Road forum.

The very first time, I did:
1. Soak new or previously wet-lubed chains in OMS (I think 30 minutes is good, but maybe longer if it's really gunked up). I also removed the cassette and RD pully wheels and soaked/scrubbed those. Then rinsed everything with Acetone. I also gave my chain rings a good scrubbing with a regular bike-cleaning/degreaser product.
2. Hang the chain on a hook until it's totally dry. Re-install the pully wheels and cassette.
3. Heat up the wax. Once it's liquid, drop the chain in and swish it around for a few minutes to make sure it's good and coated. Then pull out and hang on a hook above the pot, so that any extra wax drips back in.
4. Let the chain dry
5. Break the links by hand - I just do this one at a time, working each link back-and-forth a few times. Some people suggest running it over an old broom handle to break up the wax. I'm not sure it really matters - the broom handle seemed more awkward than just bending each link a few times.
6. Re-install with new quick link (I didn't wax the quick link because I was worried it would come off in the pot, but your tip about re-attaching is good and I'll try that next time).
7. Run the chain through the gears a few times in the bike stand. Fret over how rough and jumpy it seems. Go ride it outside for a few hundred feet and find that it settles down very quickly and runs super smooth/quiet after 5-10 minutes of riding.
8. Clean off any wax that flaked off and got stuck to the frame.
9. Enjoy 200 miles or so of maintenance free, super clean drivetrain.

For subsequent waxings (once the chain starts making a little noise or I've hit that 200 mile mark):
1. Remove chain
2. Wipe off with a microfiber cloth.
3. While the chain is off, give the rest of the bike a good cleaning with soap/water/rinse.
3. Drop chain in hot wax and repeat steps 3-8 above.
4. I cleaned my cassette with boiling water because it had some wax built up on it. I'm not sure this is really necessary. If I rode in mud/rain I'd probably clean the chain with some boiling water as well.

A few additional notes:
I cleaned/waxed two chains the first time, so now I always have a fresh one ready to go and can quickly swap even if I don't have time to wax.
I use Silca Secret wax and it takes my $12 mini crock pot about 45 minutes to get it up to a liquid state. Once the wax is hot, the entire process takes just a few minutes.
My chain has stayed very clean, even when riding on dirty/dusty gravel trails where my entire bike will be filthy but my drivetrain is still sparkling clean. It's way better than wet lube in this regard. I'm also using way less chemicals to clean/degrease now than I was previously when using wet lubes. Other than the initial new/first time cleaning, it's not really necissarly to do anything with chemicals. Hot water melts off any excess wax buildup, and soap/water and a scrubbing brush should remove any mud/dirt that has built up on the rest of the drivetrain.

Wax on.
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Shopping list!

I've decided to find out what all the fuss is about chain waxing. Starting with my gravel bike (simply because it's got the newest chain on it) then if I like the process I'll expand to my road bikes. I've read up on the process, watched videos, and scoured threads here. Now it's time to go shopping. Here's my list so far:

Cheap slow cooler / crockpot
Wax (going to buy a wax+PTFE bundle for starters)

New chains x 2 (so I'll prepare 3 chains at once)
Wipperman quick link

Mineral turps

Methylated spirits

General gear I have lying around like glass jars, wire, rags, tools, etc, I should be all good for.

Have I missed anything?

Any tips on thoroughly cleaning the chainrings/derailleur/cassette prior to installing the first wax chain? Should I remove and turps+metho deep clean the cassette?

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I have not cleaned a cassette years and years. They stay clean using waxed chains. I would clean the cassette and just wipe the rings down.

Once the factory lube is off, I do not use spirits unless the ride was really nasty and the chain is really bad but usually, I remove the chain and toss it into the pot. But I am lazy, this is so much easier than cleaning an oiled chain
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