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Chiboy 10-01-07 03:21 PM

Specialized Tricross Comp - 18 speed or 30???
I've been looking for a slightly used Specialized Comp. The 06s have 9 speeds in back and two up front. The 07s have 10 and 3. The 08s have 10 and 2. Is there a consensus on 9 vs. 10 and on 3 vs. 2? To the extent I can find the year I want, I'm not sure whether I prefer an 06 or an 07. Used 08s will be out of my budget until well after I pull the trigger on one of these bad boys (or something else).

MIN 10-01-07 03:57 PM

18 speeds. Granny gear is not needed with CX bikes' low gearing and 10-speeds ratio is only necessary in road biking. More gears=more likely to get mucked up in mud.

M_S 10-01-07 07:18 PM

What type of riding do you want to do? For almostr all purposes, a compact double-especially a cyclocross compact double will provide low enough gearing. For doing mountain bike trails that get really steep, I could see the advantage of a 28-30 tooth ring.

Chiboy 10-01-07 07:31 PM

Well, I'm sort of buying this "on spec" since I haven't done a lot of bike riding in a while. I'd really like to do some road rides with friends who all have nice road bikes, but also be able to ride on trails along the lake shore here in Chicago, or on dirt trails near my house.

M_S 10-01-07 07:42 PM

What do you mean "on specs?" :o

What is the largest chainring on the Tricrosses you're looking at? If I'm doing road rides, I'd probably want a 50 tooth ring, at minnimum a 48. Oherwise you may spin out.

flipped4bikes 10-02-07 05:56 AM

Get the compact double. The Tricross is great all-round bike. Go for it...

Chiboy 10-02-07 09:38 PM

What I mean by "on spec" is that I really haven't been a big biker in a long time. So I'm buying a bike IN ANTICIPATION of really getting into it and wanting to go on longer rides. But also being able to ride on light trails. That was what I was trying to say.

nycphotography 10-02-07 10:15 PM

Just did 6-Gaps on a '07 Tricross sport triple. 135 miles, 15,000 ft climbing across 6 mountains. granted, I put my race-x-lites and pr2 tires on it, but the stock stuff would have made the trip too.

Don't be afraid that its not a "real" road bike. Although the gears are widely spaced, you'll have all the gears you need in a $1000 bike. It's all the road bike you really need.

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