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vanwaCX 10-02-07 11:17 AM

So you wanna race in Europe?
I've got an interview with Erik Tonkin up on the blog:

Erik's represented the US the past three Worlds and has participated in the Euro cross camp since it's inception. Lots of interesting tidbits about racing over the pond. Here's an excerpt:


One of the first races he did was Hofstade in Dec. of 2003, a course which features many long sand sections. The sand sapped racers’ strength, and the rest of the course was a freeway since it was dry that year. Nys was putting in 5 minute lap times so the race was 12 laps. The laps were 3km which means Nys did 36 km in an hour, an average of almost 22 mph over the course – including all the sand. Erik was the last guy on the lead lap and the only reason he didn’t get pulled was because Nys sat up on the finishing straight to celebrate. Even so, Erik was only five minute down (in 27th place). Guys that beat him in the States got pulled with 30 minutes to go. They were fast guys who just couldn’t handle adjusting to how thankless the situation is. “I got one of my best compliments ever that day: Adri van der Poel said, in typical northern European understatement, that I ‘wasn’t bad’.”

sancocho 10-02-07 11:27 AM



flargle 10-02-07 12:15 PM

One thing that interview didn't address: Do Trebon's sponsors want him winning races in the States, or finishing back in the pack in Europe? I would guess the former, although the latter would almost surely be better for his development as a racer. It's that weird balance between what is best business-wise and what is best for your skills.

Or as Riley Martin famously said, "Motherf*@$er got to eat!"

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