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Plow13 12-28-09 10:11 PM

can you use quick release on the rear?

crossnut 12-29-09 07:15 AM

My coaster's a bolt on. Not sure if they make a QR coaster hub. I, personally, have never seen one. This is really no matter to me, as a 15mm shorty wrench solves that dilemma and prevents easy wheel grabs. You'd have to disconnect the 'brake arm' from the frame anyway, so the QR axle may be a mute point. Makes for a super clean look though. A LOT of people think it's a fixed gear, until you point out reality to them. Will post a picture as soon as soon as i can get this blasted micro SD thing to work!

Saddle Up 12-29-09 08:08 AM

Now that this bike has been in production for sometime and has obviously gone through multiple production runs is it really necessary to still build it with the mislabeled 6066 aluminum decal instead of the correct 4130 steel decal. Seems extra silly at this point.

crossnut 12-29-09 03:31 PM

The 2010s have the same mis-label? Wow. Guess I'll have to tell everyone it's aluminum, then. Decals, like tv commercials, must be right. Right?

S2landie 01-02-10 10:49 PM

Hi everyone, just wanted to say thanks cuz y'all made my decision easy on the purchase of my fantom UNO. Thanks to bikesdirect for selling a great bike for a great price. If anyone is curious, the white 2010 model I got has the brake guides mounted on top side of the top bar, there are no aluminum labels on it, and it came with aero levers. I love this bike!
Had one question... Anyone recall the freewheel available in the late 80s that was lockable? I think acs made it. Came stock on a mongoose decade pro. Thought this would be nice solution to a fixed/freewheeling setup.

crossnut 01-03-10 12:47 PM

Nice to know that not only do the folks at BD pay attention, but they also fix the issues put forth! It's simple to SAY that you are going to solve the problems, but an entirely different matter to actually DO it. As much flak as BD and Motobecane get, they probably pay more attention than many. I have beat the snot out of my Uno and it's never even whimpered. Okay, yeah, maybe it's a little heavy compared to the Bianchi/Kona/Salsa stuff, but WHO CARES? It's WAY cheaper and not THAT much porkier. And, let's face it; many riders would be FAR better served by losing 10lbs off their guts than 4lbs off their bikes. I've never seen a lock-able freewheel, but it's kind of a cool idea, if you don't like flopping the wheel. Now if only we can get Mike to build it in Ti....... And I'm not even in a fever induced mind fog today ;)

crossnut 01-03-10 01:08 PM

1 Attachment(s) got the sd thing to work... This is how it was before my 3 year old Grand-daughter went to town on the poor thing with a garden trowel. The down-tube was too scraped up and ugly even for me. Bike's all black now and waiting for the local decal place to make me some new Moto stickies. Yes, I'm fine with displaying it as what it is. Elitist I ain't; high mileage cyclist I am.

crossnut 01-03-10 03:26 PM

3 Attachment(s) under top tube cable guides made this a deal breaker for me, so I solved it a different way. Coaster brake rear wheel and shaving all brake mounts and cable guides made for a super clean look and allowed pain-free shouldering. Couldn't argue with the quality or the price of the frameset, even with the 'deal-breakers'. Now that those issues have been solved, a 2010 model will soon be keeping my coaster version company. The Motobecane decals will go back on as soon as the sticker shop finishes them. Yeah, it's cold in Chicagoland, but that doesn't prevent us from riding. And, hey! No deraillers to freeze!

Cynikal 01-04-10 11:22 AM

@S2, a locking freewheel would not be a proper fixed solution. I could spin off with enough back pressure.

jerlwe 01-04-10 04:49 PM


Originally Posted by Cynikal (Post 10223756)
@S2, a locking freewheel would not be a proper fixed solution. I could spin off with enough back pressure.

Wouldn't this be about the same back pressure as stopping on a fixie? As long as it has a lock ring, I would assume it to be fine.. But I am a strong advocate on using at least a front brake, on any bike, just in case it does spin off like it did on my fixie that one time when my lockring went missing(the cog was cross threaded onto the hub and it stripping the hub where the lockring goes, making it fall oof.)

p.s. I really think these bikes are sick and want one

Debusama 09-01-10 07:47 PM

Just got my Uno.

I threw it together a few nights ago, and it still needs some fine-tuning (mostly just need to true the wheels up, I still haven�t put the free-wheel on) I�ve only used it for a few short commutes. Overall, I think it�ll be a cool bike. I bought with the intent of putting on some fatter tires and off-road flared drop bars to make it a little more trail capable. I didn�t weigh it, but it doesn�t feel heavy at all, and the ride is very smooth. I was glad to see it had the drop-bar leavers, and that the brake cable runs on top of the top-tube rather than the bottom, so I can throw it on my shoulder when I need to. The gear ratio worked pretty well for riding around the hilly area I live in, and the frame no longer says that it�s aluminum.

Two things surprised me and/or didn�t seem to match what the website:
1. The tires were 30c, not 32c, but that�s OK because I was planning on buying new ones anyway.
2. It came with the world�s longest stem. I�m right on the edge between fitting a 56 and 58. I opted for the smaller size, thinking that I would need to put on a longer stem to make it fit, but it looks like I will be shortening it

And my minor complaints:
One of the rear cantilevers looks kind of bashed up, and the brake cable, is kinked, so the brake feels spongy when some of the force goes into straightening the kink rater than squeezing the rim. I may write to bikesdirect and see if I can get them to send a new one, so I guess I�ll see how there customer service is.

My Origin8 Gary bar, and 40c Ritchey Speedmax tires are on the way. I can�t wait to take it on some trails. I�ll post again when I do.

crossnut 12-02-10 09:27 AM

Anyone seen the new Masi SS/CX? Wow! They did their homework. Bike is spot on right out of the box. The only thing that's off, is the $900 price tag.
Mike, make us one of these! A Moto done similiar or, a Mercier, with Reynolds 520 or Ti (think Kilo WT with cantis).
Please, PLEASE tell me there is something like that in the 2011 mix?!
Don't make me buy a Masi. I love my Motos, BD and saving$!

Cynikal 12-02-10 10:11 AM

Or just make an Alu version of the FCU with 130 rear spacing and an option for a carbon fork. It would sell like crazy.

thenomad 12-02-10 11:38 PM

Yeah, make an alumium one that is lighter than the current one. I'd buy that. I don't need a 26 lb single speed when I can make one from a vintage 531 frame that will be lighter. Make the platform as light as possible, the fat tires take away the harshness anyhow so aluminum still feels fine. I may end up with a regular Fantom cross frame as a SS if I get a few bucks for christmas.

crossnut 12-05-10 07:50 AM

Yeah, AL3 (aluminum) would work, so long as the price was right. Do it up Kona Major One style and keep the cost around $300/$350 and it would be hard to keep in stock. And, since cheaper AL3 is going to ride harsh and stiff, call it the Motobecane Fantom Stiffy. For what an ubber-cheap, ss cx bike will get used for, it'd be great. Keep the geometry raceable and a following of sscx idiots like me would quickly follow! Hey, why is it that BD had around a gazillion singlespeeds, but only a single example of a singlespee cyclocross bike? Oh, and while I'm whining, how bout more apparel? I love my Motebecane jersey, but my Mercier is upset cuz I can't 'represent' while riding her;) And I STILL think a Ti version of the FCU would market well, even if only available as a frame/frameset. Come on BD / Mike, helps some bruthas out!

S2landie 12-17-10 06:34 PM

Fantom update and comments
Well it's been about a year now and I've done more roadbike riding than anything else but I did get out on the Fantom while up in Vermont. I rode it on some very technical mountain bike trails. Granted, some sections were just too tough to maneuver on such a bike, but I was able to maintain a decent pace and had a lot of fun. I came back and got out the spoke wrench and a few Magic Hat beers, expecting a good deal of truing to be done. Rims were just as true as when I started riding. I can agree that this bike is on the heavy side but, then again, so am I. I'm 6' and weigh 220. I'm quite pleased with this Fantom.
Honestly, I'd prefer that BD stops making any cool models because I'll want to buy them!! I did, however, buy a Motobecane Jersey. It's pretty sweet. I guess I don't look as cool wearing that as the guy at the last crit I rode in who was decked out in Cervelo shorts, jersey, socks, helmet, gloves, bike, air fresheners, etc. Oh well, we all have our dreams.

I also really enjoy the Windsor Falkirk road frame and fork I built up this summer. This is not a light bike by any means but it's nice fit and finish and it performs well. I look forward to some warmer weather so I can get back out on it.

Hopefully I'll get out on the Fantom soon. I'm still looking forward to entering my first CX race...

Dcv 12-31-10 07:41 AM

while stuck in NY snowpocalyse 2010:

found a deal on a motobecane fantom cross uno on craigslist. made it to brooklyn for pick up before coming back to dc. before image:
i was really impressed with quality of frame considering pricepoint. they fixed the brake cable guide (@ 11 o'clock), no more wrong Al 6061 decal. love the fork, hate the decals. some of the parts just bug me - the wide 44cm bars, saddle, pedal clips, 38-16 gearing

spent the day tinkering...
used some spare parts i had:
- profile design bullhorns
- charge saddle
- ritchey stem

bought a few parts:
- candy pedals (on sale!)
- sram carbon bar end brake levers (got a bargain - half off at lbs and couldn't pass)
- 14T surly cog

the 16T cog and lockring that came with the bike are super cheap, i broke one of the tabs on the lockring while tightening (used a lockring tool)

nokian w240 studded tires on order - just in time for 60 degree forecast for this weekend, figures.
i'll be ready for winter commuting when the snow falls.

haxtracycle 02-03-12 10:11 PM

Phackley Gov'nator
I bought my Fauxtobecane Fantom Cross Uno about three years ago after looking high-and-low for an entry level cyclocross bike that I could use for commuting, and with a goal in mind of doing a few cyclocross races -- Clydesdale class. That, and the single speed simplicity appealed to me. I kept if "fixie" for about two miles of use, then flipped it to the freewheel and haven't changed back. No appologies.

I haven't used it for commuting as much as I thought I would, on account of the loooooooooooooooooong uphill ride home at the end of the day... left me wanting some gear selection. I have managed to put in a lot of miles on hardpack trails -- nothing too technical. It's more fun and responsive than my 25 year old Bianchi Grizzly (MTB), unless there's a big hill to climb on a tight, twisty, and root-bound trail... then I'd prefer the MTB.

I can say that the FCU frame can take some abuse. I am not a lightweight -- built more like an NFL lineman than a Tour de France racer... and even the 32 spoke wheels have held up quite well.

It is still pretty much stock, except for a wider saddle that I put on before I even rode it the first time... to accommodate my double-wide arse.

But.... I bought it for commuting, and I never got around to doing any 'cross racing... and since it generally sits in the garage collecting dust, I decided to mess with it. Changes in the works:
  • Adding a Shimano Nexus 8 speed hub to it. This started out as a three speed conversion... but the more I looked at the options, the more I decided to spring for 8... shouldn't leave me wanting for more.
  • Brooks saddle. Odd for me, since I've always thought that dudes who refer to their bike's seat as a saddle -- especially Brooks owners -- are total wankers... but I came across a good used one, and on a whim decided to buy in to the snobbery of the Brooks club.
  • Velo Orange Left Bank handlebars and old school brake levers.
  • ...and some wide fattie urban tires. I may spring for some creme colored fatties and turn it into a poor man's Pashley Guv'nor (I'll call it the "P'hackley Guv'nator"). But... I'm inclined to go basic black and keep it subtle.
  • ...and perhaps some fenders. I bought some, but haven't put them on yet. Not sure about that, but here in Portland, OR, fenders are almost mandatory.

The conversion process is about 50% of the way along. I'll post a picture when I get it wrapped up.

That's my Fantom Cross Uno story so far. Generally pretty happy with it, and looking forward to using it more soon.

Bianchigirll 02-18-12 07:30 AM

5 Attachment(s)
I am not sure just how active this thread is these days but I thought I would post a pic or two of my Uno after I put some fenders on it last year.

Also I have a question, does anyone know where I can source 'Butterfly' nuts for the axles?

mfredrickson 02-21-12 04:55 PM


Originally Posted by Bianchigirll (Post 13867483)
Also I have a question, does anyone know where I can source 'Butterfly' nuts for the axles?

Bianchigirll 02-26-12 08:04 AM


Originally Posted by mfredrickson (Post 13880857)

Thank You

geeter 02-28-12 11:28 AM

I am on the fence about picking one of these up for cost purposes alone. The specs of the components aren't much different than an All City Nature Boy. I don't know about frame quality from either but the Nature Boy is more than double of the Fantom Cross as bone stock. Has anyone compared the two in terms of ride quality, geometry, and overall value? I know it is hard since the Moto is not available in stores.

Andy_K 02-28-12 02:19 PM


Originally Posted by geeter (Post 13909153)
I am on the fence about picking one of these up for cost purposes alone. The specs of the components aren't much different than an All City Nature Boy. I don't know about frame quality from either but the Nature Boy is more than double of the Fantom Cross as bone stock. Has anyone compared the two in terms of ride quality, geometry, and overall value? I know it is hard since the Moto is not available in stores.

Very different bikes. The Nature Boy has a lot of details like internal cable routing and investment cast drop-outs, whereas the Uno is fairly plain jane. The reviews I've seen of the Nature Boy, once they got done complaining about the weight, said the geometry was outstanding for racing (which seems kind of irrelevant for a bike of its weight). The Uno geometry looks a bit...umm...interesting. It's got very short chain stays and fairly steep head tube angles (especially in the bigger sizes). It appears to have the exact same geometry as the Motobecane Track. It could be snappy through chicanes, but it could also be snappy on straight, technical descents and downright wheelie-prone on climbs.

geeter 02-28-12 02:51 PM

Yeah thanks. I have a track bike from Bikes Direct (Mercier Kilo TT Pro) and I don't want another bike with such a short wheelbase. Perhaps springing a few more bucks for the Nature Boy is worth it. I took one out last week and really liked it. I just thought that if both had similar components, I could sure have more cash for upgrades with the Moto.

bigbenaugust 02-29-12 05:54 PM

I'm pretty close to ordering, as I think it would make a decent stablemate to my Fantom CX for the days I don't need gears (most of the time, really). The short WB concerns me because I want to put a rack on it, but it is longer than a Kilo WT, and my Fantom CX is pretty long. So I think I'll be okay with an Uno.

+1 on BD selling an aluminum version. One hopes bikesdirect_com will see this thread again!

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