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bigbenaugust 03-18-13 04:09 PM

I saw a guy on a Fantom CX converted to a 1x9 config at a CX race once. But not an Uno.

Vlaam4ever 03-18-13 07:53 PM

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Here is how my Uno looks on day 3. I'll update when put some work in.

frantik 03-18-13 08:21 PM

^ new bars? red tape looks good

Vlaam4ever 03-18-13 08:41 PM

Originally Posted by frantik (Post 15403602)
^ new bars? red tape looks good

this is how I picked it up the at Kroger...

I dont plan to keep the red. Likely will replace with a white tape when I add the new stem, newbars and brake levers.

bigbenaugust 03-19-13 01:13 PM

Wait, they sell bikes at Kroger? ;)

Vlaam4ever 03-24-13 08:43 PM

Can anybody offer recommendations on fenders for the Uno? I currently have Kenda 30mm cross tires on the bike. These need to be replaced soon and I'm strongly considering an large 32 or 35mm Randonnuer tire.

Performance is always my first place to stop for education on accessories but they are very limited on what they carry. I only found one fender that could hold a 28+ tire. I'm curious how far I can push the tire and fender combo. Can anybody offer recommendations on what works, or more importantly what did not work?


Also, these are less than fashionable. Are there any better outlets for fenders?


bigbenaugust 03-24-13 10:30 PM

I have some SKS fenders on my Uno that fit 32s no problem. I picked them up on sale at Nashbar.

frantik 04-10-13 05:05 PM

I put on some Serfas 700x38c slick tires over the weekend.. made a HUGE improvement over the stock semi-knobby 700x30c Kenda Kwicks, in terms of both handling and comfort. also added quite a bit of weight. I had to switch back to 38x16 to get room to fit the larger tire though.. with 39x16 the rear wheel would be too close to the seat tube. the larger tire diameter probably gave a little of the gearing back though. Strangely the tires are marked as 622-40 but they are definitely skinnier than the 26x1.5" tires i put on an mtb this weekend.

Looks like there's room for another few MM of tire without having to change the gearing again... maybe if i ever wear thru these tires i'll replace em with even larger ones. With the new tires this bike is much more comfortable and also feels much more stable. I really hate skinny tires.. feels like i'm riding on the metal and feels like could lose traction at any time

I also ordered a riser stem to get the handlebars where i like them.. once i get the new stem i'll take some pics of the set up

aquateen 05-16-13 10:40 AM

recently moved so my fcu is transforming from commuter to trail rider. took off the fenders and ordered some knobby 38s. also considering changing up the 38/16 to 38/18 to help with some of these hills out here.

fietsbob 05-16-13 11:07 AM

Can anybody offer recommendations on fenders for ...
Have never had any trouble with any Esge/SKS mudguards on any bike they are on..

I wonder who owned the Name , when they bought it to Apply
to a Never been to France Bike frame,

and manufactured now where? Taiwan or the Mainland PRC?

BD seems to specialize in taking over other Brand names for cache'

frantik 05-16-13 11:19 AM

Originally Posted by frantik (Post 15495648)
I also ordered a riser stem to get the handlebars where i like them.. once i get the new stem i'll take some pics of the set up

After trying a few stems and still not getting the drop bars where I like them, I gave up on that idea and put a riser flat bar on instead. i just got some brake levers for it the other day, still need to wire the brakes though. It will be interesting to see how the bike handles with a flat bar vs the drops.. to be honest i dont think it handles well with drops so i'm hoping the riser flat bar will show some improvement.

bigbenaugust 05-16-13 07:43 PM

I also moved. I love taking the FCU to work over the rolling terrain. :)

Have not changed anything since I got here, except for taking my last new Nashbar Gridlock tire and slapping it on the back to replace the too-thin Panaracer UrbanMax.

frantik 05-27-13 12:18 AM

I liked the Uno better with a riser bar instead of drops, but with so many other bikes, it just didn't get ridden too much. ended up selling it today

bigbenaugust 05-27-13 09:22 PM

I rode 50km of the American Tobacco Trail on mine today. Glorious.

Kopsis 05-28-13 09:56 AM

I've been debating which of my two CX bikes (Fantom Cross Uno or Fantom Cross Pro) I should sell when I get my road bike next month. The logical thing would be to sell the Uno since the geared bike is lighter and so much easier to race cross on. But after two 20 mile rides on the Uno this weekend, I just can't let it go - the bike is too much fun. So looks like I'll be putting the FCXPro on the block and racing the Uno in SSCX this fall. I'm probably crazy for thinking I can race on an Uno, but I'm not sure I can get any slower so I really don't have much to lose :)

bigbenaugust 05-28-13 10:00 AM

I am going to need to see pics of this. :)

aquateen 06-02-13 01:16 PM


New trail riding edition: removed the fenders and added SPD pedals and knobby 38s. All I need now is to get a new freewheel to get around easier with these hills :)

andmalc 06-12-13 12:25 PM

I have a size 58 black, almost new FCU frame that is too big for me. Anyone interested in trading a 56 frame for mine?

fietsbob 06-12-13 06:43 PM

These are a very nice looking disc brake for a single speed cross Bike..

wonder if they are shipping?

bigbenaugust 06-13-13 07:10 AM

Those brakes would cost almost as much as the bike in this case. :D

I swapped cranksets on the FCU again last night, this time to a 170mm black Lassco from my parts-donor mini-velo. (Hey, the Origin-8 I just had on there said Lassco on the inside, so this is not exactly a downgrade.) The grinding up the hills around here was requiring me to tighten up the left-hand crank on a daily basis to stop the ticking. Seemed okay this morning.

fietsbob 06-13-13 08:48 AM

Those [X] would cost almost as much as the bike..
I hear that all the time when people come in with a non functional garage sale bike that they want repaired .

blitzo 06-28-13 07:01 PM

I just ordered a Fantom UNO. I plan to use this mostly for commuting and hopefully for a winter bike. Can't wait for it to get here. Is there a minimum tire width I have to use? I was hoping to go down to a 700x25.

Kopsis 06-28-13 08:12 PM

The stock rims are only 19.2 mm wide, so you should have no problem with a 700 x 25.

blitzo 07-04-13 09:34 AM

Received the Uno. Had zero issues assembling. So far I really like it. Riding it as a fixed gear for now. All ready did a few mods.

Kopsis 07-05-13 06:37 AM

Your brake levers? Or has BD finally listend to the complaints about the torture devices they've been including on the Uno? :)

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