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nelzar13 09-17-09 03:59 PM

26 inch cross tire
So im new to the whole cross thing and im converting a mountain bike to see how i like it. Im sure i will but i just dont have the green stuff to throw at yet another bike project at the moment. So what am i looking at for tires? iv looked around a bit but haven't seen much that looks like it would be good as far as an all terrain tire. any one have any suggestions for an affordable 26 inch crossy type tire? from what iv read on here 35 c is the max width. Any sugestions or links would be great !

Thanks ahead of time !

Andy_K 09-17-09 04:40 PM

The max width of 35 mostly only applies in UCI races. That's probably not where you'll be starting out. Around here, and I expect this is typical, you can use regular MTB tires in local races.

nelzar13 09-17-09 06:04 PM

yeah i figured it wouldnt be a big deal for my series ill be racing in, but my 2.2's on there now are way fat and have a ton of extra weight and resistance i dont need or want.. sooo still on the hunt for
some new tires..i looked for the Michelin mud 2's in a 26 but no luck yet with a skinny size like 1.25 or 1.5 Iv read all the hype about em and they look pretty grippy and mud shedding...

jonestr 09-17-09 09:59 PM

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