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Sawtooth 10-03-09 10:27 PM

Yeah!!! I was not DFL today!
Finished mid pack in the C race. But hey, that was great fun and better than the DFL I took in my first race. I even got to race against a couple of guys and two very fast teenagers. Turns out that warming up makes a difference.

At one point, I tied to spit a hooger and was aware that it didn't really go anywhere. My friend pointed out to me that it was still on my chin after the race.

On a technical note, I was suprised how much shifting I did. I actually shifted a lot between my large and small rings.

Man, I love this game.

flargle 10-04-09 05:33 PM

Sweetly done. Thanks for sharing the stoke!

Sawtooth 10-04-09 10:10 PM

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Thanks. Here are a couple of pics.

Crack Monkey 10-05-09 07:56 AM

Looks like you are smiling - work harder, suffer more. Makes the beer and waffles taste better. :)

Sawtooth 10-05-09 09:26 AM

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LOL, I promise I spent very little time smiling...most of my race looked like this...

The perpelexing thing is that I swear I passed that lady holding the baby but there she is at the finish line ? Hmmmm

Glynis27 10-05-09 12:42 PM

You look to clean. Fall in some mud next time.

nitropowered 10-05-09 03:35 PM

I was DFL yesterday. The course I did was soooo hard it was happy to just finish the hour's work. Plenty of guys called it quits.

Sawtooth 10-06-09 02:03 PM

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Just saw the results.....9th of 25....I'll take it.
Some additional pics.

Andy_K 10-06-09 02:19 PM

I'd be ecstatic with 9th out of 25. My only top ten finish came in a race with only 10 riders. I got 9th because one guy had a mechanical. I was thrilled this week because I didn't get lapped. :)

Sawtooth 10-06-09 02:23 PM

LOL, I hear you Andy.
I was really worried going in that I was going to get the tar beat out of me.
BTW, take a close look at that barrier in my last is parallel to the course and requires a 90 degree off camber turn while running.
I ended up layed out on the ground in front of that on one lap :)

Sawtooth 10-06-09 02:29 PM

The more I look at this, it looks like 6th of 13 (which I will still take). Seems the field had a few categories in my category had 13, and I was 6th in it...but 9th overall of 25. I HAVE DREAMED OF BEING MID PACK MY WHOLE LIFE!!!!! LOL

benda18 10-07-09 06:01 AM

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speaking of spit, here's a pic of me from sunday

Sawtooth 10-07-09 10:40 PM

HOLY COW....that is a TON of spit. :)

nelzar13 10-08-09 04:46 AM

i did my first race last weekend and was happy to finish! i think i got 82 out of 83..haha and i think i was the only guy out there on a single speed. my only goal was not to get lapped!

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