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dpdsurf 08-15-04 06:28 PM

San Francisco Bay Area Cyclocross LBS?
Hey All,

I'm thinking about getting a CX bike and wanted to know if there is a good shop in the SF area that has a decent selection of CX bikes. Everywhere I've been so far will have 1 or 2 at the most. There was a shop that had an '04 Jake the Snake in my size and that bike seams pretty cool. But I didn't want to buy the first one I saw.

Thanks in advance for any help!

SteveE 08-15-04 08:42 PM

I think it'd be best to call up the shops individually. Tell them what size you need and ask what they've got in stock. I doubt if most shops will carry more than one or two CX bikes, and even then you'll probably be lucky if they're your size.

oldskoolboarder 08-15-04 10:40 PM

I agree, I have yet to see a shop that has more than one type (let alone one bike) specific for CX. The most I've seen is a Propad and Ritchey at University in PA.

dpdsurf 08-15-04 11:48 PM

Thanks. Yeah it's pretty evident by the shops I've been to that the masses are buying mountain bikes and hybrids.

SteveE 08-15-04 11:53 PM


Originally Posted by dpdsurf
Thanks. Yeah it's pretty evident by the shops I've been to that the masses are buying mountain bikes and hybrids.


What part of the Bay area do you live in? I think The Bicycle Outfitter carries the Bianchi Axis. I've seen a Soma CX bike at Palo Alto bikes. Chain Reaction (Redwood City and Los Altos) has/had Lemond Poprad. I saw an Ibis Hakalugi at Cupertino Bikes a while ago. Don't know if it's still there.


catatonic 08-16-04 01:14 AM

if your neae san jose, go look at Slough's on race street, cross road is san carlos. They may not have any cross bikes in stock, but they can get you one. I don't spend much time there since the bikes they deal in are above my level and wallet (bianchi, i think they had a colnago in there when I was last there, they also sell campagnolo parts), pretty much a performance oriented shop, but without the attitude some of the race grade shops have. They actually tried to get me into a bike despite being $400 over what I could possibly pay...and they were pretty cool about it when I gave them my thanks, and grabbed a couple of small parts I needed instead. If I ever get the dough for a very nice bike, I'll prolly pay them a visit again.

SteveE 08-16-04 10:11 AM

Yeah, George is a pretty interesting guy. He rebuilt one of my Campy Ergo levers for a reasonable price. Neat little bike shop.

FlippingHades 08-16-04 03:06 PM

American Cyclery ( at Stanyan and Frederick in SF has a pretty good selection of cross bikes. I was in there a couple of days ago and I think they had about a dozen on hand.

dpdsurf 08-16-04 06:11 PM

I'm in Pacifica. I just went to American Cyclery and they have a really good selection of Soma, Waterford, Gunnar and one other I can't remember. You can get a custom build Soma for a reasonable price. I also found out that a friend of mine has a good contact for Mikkelsen so I may go that route if it fits my budget. Otherwise the Soma seams like a good CXer for starters.

Thanks everyone

Mister_Salty 08-17-04 10:49 AM

I've had good experiences at Mill Valley Cycleworks (might be out of your way, though...). The owners ride SWEET Colnago CX bikes, and the rest of the staff knows how to keep CX bikes going. Nice people as well.

luciano 08-22-04 05:45 PM

I live 10 minutes away from mv cyclery, they know what they're doing. Also American Cyclery on Stanyan has a good selection and can answer any questions.

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