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lshaped 09-20-10 06:52 PM

CAAD 8CX sizing
A friend of mine is getting ready to pull the trigger on a CAAD 8CX but
he's not sure of the sizing- he is 5 feet, 10 inches
the LBS is telling him that a 54cm is what he needs. coincidentally
this is the only size they have in stock in the shop. i told jim i thought it
might be a little small and a 56 cm would be more appropriate
he mentioned this to the shop and was told that cross bike frames
run larger than road bikes?

jgt_madone_newb 09-21-10 06:18 AM

With the usual disclaimer that fit is a very individual thing, there is a pervasive "rule of thumb" that you go down one size on cross frames. For me, it was true. All my other bikes are 54s, and my CAAD8CX is a 51. The 54 was too big. Top tube length was too much, and it endangered the boys.

Cynikal 09-22-10 09:31 AM

I'm 5-10 and I ride a 54 CX-9 (same frame geo.) I rode both the 56 and 54 and was really in between the two. Have your buddy ride both if possible. They don't have to be cx-8's. All Cannondale CX bikes share the same geo.

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