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fietsbob 06-10-13 07:29 PM

Magura's HS 33 is the best brake I've used on V / Cantilever bosses.. hydraulic rim brakes..

My disc brake Bike friday has speed dial levers, BB7 MTB discs on 20" wheels It works , I could fling
my self over the bars easily ,,
On My Koga WTR 26" wheels . the Magura Rim brakes modulate smooth . like Buttah !

have mafacs on a frame I built in the 70's..

and a modern reinterpretation of them, Spookys from the NL... cut out of CF sheet.

Niloc 10-22-13 12:11 AM

OK this thread is ancient, but I had interminable problems with fork judder on my Bianchi Reparto Corse cyclocross. This bike has a pretty soft fork. It's a pretty steel fork with a nice crown but I think it's not very burley. I tried everything to adjust the cantis and solved the problem with the mini-Vs. However the mivi-V cross wire interfered with my fender and also the pads had to be set very close the rim. I never raced this bike but that could have presented a problem in the mud. I then went to the Paul component Mini Motos. These are the ultimate canti replacement brake. As good or better feel and clearance than the mini-Vs and no problems with fender clearance. Not cheap though. I only did the front brake, because as the OP says just keep the canti on the rear, they work fine there.

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