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dnfcx 09-24-12 12:19 PM

Ridley guys - sizing assistance

I am looking to move from my current Kona Major Jake to a Ridely x-ride.

My Major is a 56 and I'm running a 100mm stem. saddle height is 74cm. 6mm saddle tip to BB. 5cm drop to bars. im 5'10.5"


Being unable to get all of my kit on to dial a fit, Im looking to you all for a bit of assistance.

anybody have a suggestion on the size?

Im leaning toward the 52. With a setback post and a 120mm stem - I can get the cockpit set. Though I think Ill be seeing a bit of spacers on there.

the 54, when I look at the geo - looks like it will be more like a standard 57tt (the ht and seat tube angle really stretch it out)...


anyhow - enough of a ramble. what do you all say?

flargle 09-24-12 01:06 PM

I think the 52 would be too small. 53.5cm TT?

I'm curious about your statement that HT stretches out the bike?

Andy_K 09-24-12 01:46 PM

Head tube angle has negligible effect on perceived top tube length. Seat tube angle does have an effect, but I think you have it backward. A 1 degree steeper seat tube angle effectively lengthens the top tube by about 1 cm because you have to move the seat back to get the same position relative to the bottom bracket. You didn't say what year Major Jake you have, but it looks like the 56cm in recent MJ's have a 73.7 degree seat tube angle, whereas the 54cm X-Ride has a 73 degree seat tube angle.

The biggest difference I see between the Ridley geometry and the Kona geometry is that Ridley favors a taller head tube for the same top tube length. The taller head tube also makes the reach to the bars feel shorter, though it's more difficult to quantify and more dependent on arm length than the seat tube angle effect.

The 'reach' measurement in the geometry is meant to give a seat-tube angle independent measure of how far the bars are from the saddle. The 56cm Major Jake and the 56cm X-Fire have the same reach. Stack (bb to head tube top difference) is about 20mm larger on the X-Fire. That's not a huge difference.

I'm 5'9" and ride a 54cm Major Jake (fits like the current 53). If I were going to buy and X-Ride, I'd be torn between the 54 and the 56, probably choosing the 54 for standover clearance.

I think 56 is probably the best bet for you.

fietsbob 09-24-12 01:48 PM

I simply Look for it on the google..

their sizing is CtoC, not CtoT

dnfcx 09-24-12 04:54 PM

Ridley's size chart puts me square in the middle of the 52 and the 54 size-wise. a 56 would just be crazy big.

bo_vk 10-17-12 05:28 PM

Originally Posted by dnfcx (Post 14769950)
Ridley's size chart puts me square in the middle of the 52 and the 54 size-wise. a 56 would just be crazy big.

So what was your final decision - did you get the bike?

dnfcx 10-22-12 10:44 AM

i did. I went with the 52.

With a set back on the seatpost and a 110 stem - Im sitting pretty.

I get a bit of toe overlap on tight turns (90 degree tight), but I turn really badly and tend to not lean enough. Yet another reason for me to improve!

bo_vk 10-28-12 09:52 PM

could you share actual stand over height measured from the floor to the top of the top tube? I just got 54 Ridley and I measured 832 mm (as it came from the box) compared to 870 what Ridley claims. The rest of Ridley published geometry was accurate.
really interested in what you find!!

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