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bwfox 12-05-12 08:10 PM

Cannondale CAADX Fit?
My LBS will give me a decent deal on a 2013 Cdale. I typically ride a 58cm road bike. I also ride a Lg Salsa Fargo 29er. I have a long 35" true inseam, (wear 34") jeans. I also have a very short torso. Typically on a 58, I have to use a very short stem to keep the top tube from being too long. He doesn't stock any CAADX bikes, so I have to guess at my size. I have read on some forums, that the Cdale runs a tad big, especially with a slightly higher b/b height as compared to a road bike. I live in a very rural area and I have to ride 4 miles of dirt/gravel to hit the pavement. I want a CX bike mostly for gravel roads and some pavement. I want to use it as my primary road bike. I have mtn bars on my Fargo and I want to put the dirt drops on the CX. I am more interested in getting a more upright position. The 2 brands that seemed to fit a bit more upright and relaxed is the Giant TCX and the CAADX. I have been able to sit on a L Giant and I could make it fit. The Giant dealer is 200 miles away. The CDale would be local, but I have to order it in w/o trying one. I guess my question is whether I could make a 56 work? I have a 58 Roubaix that I'm going to sell and it's pretty big. Any experience out there?

Andy_K 12-06-12 12:15 AM

I don't have any experience with the CAADX, but just looking at the geometry chart and comparing it to the Roubaix geometry, I'd say you can probably make the 56 work if the 58cm Roubaix is just a little bit too big. The reach on the 58cm CAADX looks pretty close to the reach on the 58cm Roubaix, and so obviously the 56 will be a bit less than that.

What I'd really recommend is to have the dealer put you on a couple of bikes that he does have and try to get him to commit to telling you what size CAADX he thinks you should get.

Dominae 12-06-12 04:14 PM

I rode a 58 cm Cannondale road bike and when I decided to buy the Caadx, the LBS recommended going one size down. I got the 56 cm and it fits like a glove. Based on my experience, I would recommend one size down for a Cannondale CX bike.

bwfox 12-07-12 12:19 PM

Thanks guys! I did order the CAADX in a 56. I'm pretty confidant I will be happier with a shorter top tube and I should be able to dial in the fit with the front end.

Pinkbullet3 01-18-13 02:54 AM


For someone who rides a 54cm CAAD10, would a 2011 CAADX 51cm frame fit better than a 2011 CAADX 54cm frame?

humboldt'sroads 01-18-13 12:34 PM


Originally Posted by Pinkbullet3 (Post 15169900)

For someone who rides a 54cm CAAD10, would a 2011 CAADX 51cm frame fit better than a 2011 CAADX 54cm frame?

I've ridden a CAAD9 58cm for a couple years and just purchased a CAADX 58cm and the fit is perfect. Like the OP, I also have a 34 inch inseam and a short torso (but long arms). Reach feels exactly the same as my CAAD9 did, though the geo is slightly more relaxed. Plenty of steer tube to shorten the stack and drop the bars, and I think doing so would give me the exact fit I had on my 9.

If you want it to be your one-bike quiver, I would not size down. If you are racing, sizing down may make it easier to shift your weight front-back, but otherwise it sounds like the 54 would be your bike.

ephin 01-21-13 03:18 PM

5 ft 6 in. Longish torso. CAAD 9 road 50cm. CAADX 48cm.

bobonker 01-23-13 02:55 PM

5'9", 32.5" cycling inseam.

I ride a 54cm Roubaix on the road.
I got the 54cm CAADX because of the nearly identical geometry. There is a lot less standover hardly any for me. I thought about sizing down, but the TT length was good for me and ideally, you're riding it and not standing over it!


Silvermund 02-26-14 06:07 AM

Hi Guys

On about to get me a Cannondale caadx ultegra 2014, problem is i havent got a retailer nearby, overseas actually. So i`ll have to buy it without trying sizewise.

¨My first thought would be a 58, now im more into a 56.. hope you guys can nail it for me by my measures:

Inseam: 33,5inch, 85cm - height: 6`1" 186cm

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