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canamdad 03-24-13 08:03 AM

Max tire width with 20mm wide rims
I've got an old steel Mercian frame with cantis that's got plenty of room for wider tires suitable for dirt/gravel roads. The wheels though have typical 20 mm wide rims. What's the widest tire I can safely put on these and do I match the inner tubes with the tire width or use something narrower?

Barrettscv 03-24-13 08:08 AM

You should have no problem fitting a 35mm wide tire. Just check that the rims have a hook on the inside of the rim. If the rim does not have a hook to hold the tire bead, you will need to use a rigid tire with a steel cable bead.

fietsbob 03-24-13 10:19 AM

on the dirt, even 2" tires have worked... For race MTB gear the narrow rims are lighter,,

GrayJay 03-26-13 01:17 PM

The hot setup for MTB wheels back in early 90's was 20mm wide MA-40 road rims that Bontrager rolled down to 26" size. No trouble with 2"+ tires. Wider rims will give the tires a bit more volume but really no fitment issue with any CX tire on a 20mm rim.

700x25c tubes work fine for 35mm CX tires if you have them. Just avoid using really narrow tubes labeled for 18-21mm and you will be fine.

pursuance 03-27-13 06:21 AM :thumb:

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