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Erik_A 11-14-13 09:05 AM

Van Dessel: Gin & Trombones
I am looking for a 2nd CX (pit) bike. I love my Cannondale: CAAD9 CX, but am temped to try the Van Dessel: Gin & Trombones as a frame/fork only build. The geometry is very similar with a 59.5 vs 60cm top tube and a 200mm head tube on both. I am tall 6'-4". Any tall riders with a Gin & Trombones review?

Erik_A 11-18-13 03:10 PM

Thanks, I appreciate the vote of confidence from a fellow tall-dude! I went ahead and pulled the trigger on the G&T as a frame/ fork only (canti brake option for the fork). I will work on building it up for next season.

Yea, you are probably right - the C'dale will go to pit duty.


I'm about 6'3 riding a 60cm. Best handling bike around. I'm not sure about their other bikes, but Edwin seems to have the cross geo dialed. Even tooling around town I feel like I'm in Subaru WRX rally car. So only get it if you want to delegate the c-dale to the pit bike. Just kidding, but seriously, that would be one awesome bit bike.

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