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sc0ch 12-03-13 06:40 PM

Tribulations of switching to 1x10
Thought I'd share the tribulations of switching to 1x10. Final setup:

Tektro RL520 front brake lever replaces brifter.

Shimano Deore T610 linear pull brake replaces front cantilever.

Wolf Components 44T drop stop chainring replaces double.


11-30 widerange rear cassette.

Retroshift BURD rear derailler, which supposedly pulls chain well. Retroshift took my money, and then sent some BS about goats. Are they out of stock? When can I expect the product, have others experienced problems?!?

The linear pull brake eliminated fork shutter on my Eastin EC90X fork, fantastic! I've yet to drop a chain with the Wolf components ring (tried a 46T FSA ring and had significant drop problems, even with a Gusset "Little Chap" chain guide). Wish Wolf had more ring sizes.
Hopefully this information helps inform other 1x10 conversions. Again, a regular front chainring, even with chain guide, seems worthless when running 1x10. The Wolf Components ring has yet to drop chain, even without a guide! Will report back later assuming Retroshift gets their act together.

thenomad 12-03-13 08:15 PM

I stopped reading at goats. Do tell....

Andy_K 12-04-13 12:26 AM

Retroshift isn't like other businesses.


I'm sure they'll give you the BURD as soon as they can. I'm not sure they'll be overly serious in the meantime.

sc0ch 12-04-13 05:44 PM

Retroshift just sent a second email, the order shipped. Again, there was some hogwash about Goats in the message. The punchline, it was only a couple day delay.

Cynikal 12-04-13 05:45 PM

They're from Portland, just roll with it.

bikemig 12-04-13 05:48 PM


Originally Posted by Cynikal (Post 16301602)
They're from Portland, just roll with it.

Do they have a thing about goats in Portland?

Edit: that is one good looking RD and the price isn't bad. I like it. Hey I'd even put up with some e-mails talking about goats to own one.

Niloc 12-04-13 07:32 PM

I put a linear pull brake on my cross bike too (Paul Mini Moto), it's awesome, no more fork shudder. OEMs should just start spec'ing these. Why did you go to 1x? I thought about it but flargle talked me out of it ;-) Seriously once I looked into it the complications and chain drop issues made me reconsider whether I was actually simplifying anything.

sc0ch 12-10-13 01:43 PM

The BURD derailleur feels like a solid unit, it should be at 200.6 grams. The springs have some great pull. When combined with the Wolftooth dropstop chainring it'll be a bulletproof drive train. Indeed, have yet to drop chain on the Wolftooth chainring, even without the BURD.

I went to 1x10 because somebody bought me the bike as a gift. It had a triple, I switched on my old double. I always found myself double tapping in the rear, it seemed sensible to install a wide-range cassette and singletap instead. Thus, the mass of the front brifter, front derailleur, and a chainring are all shed from the bicycle.

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