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thenomad 12-25-13 10:11 AM

New SSCX on the way - On One Pompino - Fork ideas?
I've had one of these On One Pompinos on my radar for quite a while. It's simple, steel, SS, and admittedly much of the draw for me is the rear stay treatment. They are discontinuing this version and the stock from UK and US has been disappearing and the replacement will have basic stays.

Well, called up Planet X and they just happened to have one left in my size, so now its on its way. Now I need a fork.

I read that it'll fit tires up to 35 in the rear with fenders. I'd like to save some weight by skipping the On One fork, I heard even a Surly CC fork is lighter, but I know the bike won't be a super lightweight anyhow and that's not what its for. May even try disc on the front.

I'll be daily commuting but also fun rides on the weekends seeking out gravel.

Anyone care to share their experience with forks? Whatever I get I'll at least be able to keep it for any future builds/versatility as well. I'm leaning towards carbon as all my bikes have them, and feel like investing in CX disc setup in the front may be worth doing now.

Soma? Steel, as expensive as the frame itself, can be had with disc only.

Kona Project 2? Weight? Looks stupid wide.

Surly Crosscheck? Cheap, has mounts and clearance, heavy? How does it feel offroad?

Carbon Nashbar (winwood) fork? I have a Winwood on my geared CX bike. No complaints, nice to save some weight. Canti and Disc.

Other simple Carbon cross forks? trying to stay at the $100 level, needs to have the tire clearance and fender tabs.

J e e p s 12-25-13 10:50 PM

Traitor Ruben steel disc fork has the same look as the Pompino rear triangle.

thenomad 12-26-13 11:02 AM

I dont see those sold without a bike attached to them.

fietsbob 12-26-13 11:18 AM

... what Trail geometry will work best for you, from prior experience?

thenomad 12-26-13 12:25 PM

The on one fork is 45 offset and standard 390 a-c, users report its overbuilt and dead feeling. Looks like most forks are in that size.
Nashbar CX fork seems a good option at this point as its been used and reviewed well by others.

I've got a Winwood Dusty on my Redline Conquest Team that feels good, is stable and absorbs bumps fine. The Pomp may have a slightly slacker HT by a degree or half.

The Cross Check fork is also a bit taller, so would slack it a bit.

I have a 29er so want to keep this more road/touring feeling.

fietsbob 12-26-13 12:56 PM

OK but, trail is the result of combining rake and head angle , as laid out on the ground .

and I cannot measure that from here, but you can.

thenomad 12-26-13 01:26 PM

Ok, got more into it:
A basic calculator says my Conquest (72 deg HA) trail is 64-65 depending on tire choice (28 to 32) and the Pompino (73 deg HA) would be 58-59 range.

A fork with offset of 40 would bring the trail to 63. The cross check fork is taller, if it slacks the HT by a degree it'll bring the trail to 65.

Of course, I'm not sure how much more I'd like it one way or the other.

Cynikal 12-27-13 12:55 AM

General rule of thumb is to keep the trail around 50mm-60mm for a neutral feel.

palu 12-27-13 01:19 PM

What about a Surly LHT or Disc Trucker fork? 390mm A/C, 45mm tire clearance, crown and mid mounts, cheap and durable.

thenomad 12-27-13 04:45 PM

It certainly looks like a good option. Maybe i should stick with steel just so it is decidedly NOT like all my other bikes.

fietsbob 12-28-13 01:52 PM

Could add a front load carrying rack on the fork .. if it had the mounts..

SnowJob 12-29-13 12:37 PM

I like the Surly Disc Trucker fork on my Traitor Ruben. It's got all the mounting points for fenders and a front rack. Plus it fits a 2.1-2.2" tire, which is definitely awesome in the winter.

I wouldn't worry too much about trying to save weight with a carbon front fork. How much are you really going to save over a steel fork? half a pound, maybe? That kind of savings really isn't gonna do much for a commuting/exploration bike.

thenomad 12-29-13 05:15 PM

I agree. After thinking it over I'm off the carbon fork idea. I can get the stock steel for $45. If I can't beat that I'll spend a little more for one with lots of mounts I can use on any future bikes as well.

marqueemoon 12-29-13 06:43 PM

The stock fork is fine. I've raced mine for 3 seasons. I had a shop drill the crown all the way through for a fork crown mounted cable hanger (Specialized Tricross). Works great. Zero canti shudder and the whole front and is stiffer since I can then have the stem slammed (flipped up).

For more braking power full sized v brakes with the appropriate levers or mini Vs are always an option.

While I say the stock fork is fine I just picked up a second Pompino frame on the same closeout deal for next year's race bike. It will have an Easton EC90X and TRP CX 8.4s instead of cantis along with some other high end parts silliness.

Needless to say I really like these frames. I'm sure you will enjoy yours.

My one weight saving protip is if you stick with rim brakes do a QR front wheel. Most front track hubs are real boat anchors (a Formula front is 272 grams) and a QR is more convenient anyway.

thenomad 12-29-13 08:22 PM

Thanks for the tip. I've got a bolt on front in a set but will swap to one of my others most likely. I used Mini-v versions on my Cross check and loves the braking. You prefer the full size v brakes? Good to hear you like it enough to race on it.

Basically I want to save a few bucks here now so I can pick up some more merino wool items. Can always replace the fork later.

I just picked up a Redline Conquest all alloy fork for cheap. I had one on my conquest team, then it was on my Cross Check (sold) and I never had an issue, always felt fine.

For $35 I'll try it out! Its around the same weight as a cheap carbon fork - 750g or so, so its still half pound lighter than steel.

Look forward to putting the bike together. Thanks all!

palu 01-01-14 08:18 AM

If you get the urge to get a LHT fork, just saw this one for sale. No affiliation.,6653.0.html

thenomad 01-01-14 09:45 AM

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Sweet, hope its a 700c.

For others who may be looking, the alloy Redline fork never felt harsh, had nice solid feel over rough stuff and has fender eyelets. No mid-rack eyelets but the weight is about 775g and is a fraction heavier than a basic 725-750g carbon fork. I ran one on my Cross Check, sanded raw, seen here:

thenomad 01-02-14 09:01 PM

Sure enough, received the Pompino frame today - oh that sparkly white looks way better than I thought it would and the fork came in as well.

Breathegood 02-12-14 03:17 PM

A Wound Up Team X fork would look really nice with that frame. Price probably put it out of the running, but it would have matched the rear stays REALLY nicely. I have the disc version on my Cannondale. It is a VERY nice fork.

Wish I had a little better picture of the crown, but you kind of get the idea.

thenomad 02-12-14 03:28 PM

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I like that fork and even better is the disc version.
I have it finalized though and am happy with the light weight allow fork as it rides great and cost me $40!
I figure with a heavy frame its not worth a huge investment.
There's always the future!

Here's the build

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