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Andy_K 01-15-14 11:55 AM

Even with used bikes in a good market it would be hard to beat the price of the Fantom Cross Uno for a basic singlespeed CX bike.

DinoShepherd 02-16-14 11:23 PM

My limited experience with trying to make geared bikes into single speeds is that you will spend a lot of money and garage time in the endeavor. And it may or may not work...

As for SSCX, my choice is a SSMTB. Not for everyone, but because of my background it works very well for me, especially on the more technical courses.


handsthatcatch 02-18-14 02:18 AM

I'd be really interested in your height/inseam measurements, and for gods sake post photos when it comes! I was in the same boat as you (although not only looking for SS) and considered the Fantom Uno for a while. I might still pick one up at some point as it is really cheap and I need a bike I can lock up and not worry about. However, what deterred me was reading that in normal sizes (ie ~56cm) it weight in at close to 25lbs. I know weight aint everything, but that's a HEAVY single speed bike. Just looking at the largest sizes available and not SS, some other bikes that are cross/gravel/whatever specific that might fit you are- 64cm Surly Straggler (this bike is HUGE), 61cm All-City Nature-Boy(Runs a bit big, I almost fit it), 66cm Soma Double Cross Disc(the head tube on this is a whopping 240mm), 63cm Kona Jake(the bike I ended up with, I am very, very pleased), an older Cannondale CAADX(at one point, they offered this bike in 63cm and from what I hear, it's a damn fine machine), or if you can cough up the cash, Curtlo makes a great custom cross frame for ~950(benifit of being built specifically for you, but I hear wait times are 8 months or so), or if you have really long legs and a short torso, the 60cm Ridley Xbow actually measures out to be a 64cm frame, but a 58cm top tube(I test rode this one on my quest, and the bike felt stable, light, and responsive, but I was way too scrunched up).

These really are your only options in the new/semi new arena if you are a freakishly tall guy like me.

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