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Niloc 01-14-14 07:10 PM

Unicycle 'cross
I raced Chiller Cross up in Bellingham Saturday, a fun course and decent weather considering the time of year. In C mens there was a dude on a unicycle, of course he got passed a bunch (I told him he was hardcore as I rode by) and I think he must have dropped out after the first lap, but what do you guys think - new category?

After all we have mens, womens, juniors of different cats and ages, and singlespeed. I think we should have uni-cross! Special rules:

- must hop up the run up but you are allowed a non-racer to give you a true hand up
- juggling while riding buys you 60 seconds off each lap you juggle through
- Clown costume buys you you 60 seconds off final time.
- any miming adds 60 seconds to your final time
- Using clipless pedals gets you extra points

Niloc 01-14-14 07:17 PM

well I should have known, it's already been done:

fietsbob 01-14-14 08:12 PM

observed trials unicycling..

put a brake on it so you can lock the wheel, and climb stairs, and so forth.

Single track Bhutan

Niloc 01-14-14 10:40 PM

sure extreme mountain unicycling in Bhutan, why not? It'll be an olympic sport in a few years.

Do you think learning to unicycle would be beneficial to general cycling like for balance or something? My kids' school has unicycles in their P.E. class.

Andy_K 01-14-14 11:36 PM

There's been a unicycle category at Cross Crusade for year. It's a regular feature down here south of the Columbia. They start a couple of minutes after the beginners. In some particularly muddy races the unis have been know to catch the back of the beginner field.

The category is pretty much dominated by fast juniors. I don't know if unicycling helps their balance or if their excellent balance makes them good unicyclists, but those kids are amazing.

fietsbob 01-15-14 11:45 AM

Bhutan loves Archery , so a perfect Summer Biathlon..

ride your Uni across the countryside to successive target ranges , across ravines..

Andy_K 01-15-14 11:57 AM

I saw a unicycle with a disc brake at one of the Cross Crusade races in Bend. Luckily that wasn't the race with subfreezing temps or the guy might not have been able to stop. ;)

Cynikal 01-15-14 12:00 PM

Personally I think they should be juggling beers and hand them out durring the race.

fietsbob 01-15-14 12:23 PM

Rather than the exploding Can, a Chit to use at the Beer Tent is more appropriate ..

awfulwaffle 01-15-14 12:29 PM

This might be the best thing I've ever seen.

mdadams1 01-15-14 06:31 PM

I unicycle besides enjoying my cyclocross riding. Unicycling to me feels more like riding a horse than cycling. It is an amazing amount of fun. You would be stunned at what guys and girls do on a unicycle... Check out if you ever get curious. Myself... I can ride distance but no tricks. Too old...:)

SneakyKing 01-28-14 09:21 AM

i would buy a case of beer for anyone i saw finishes a cross course on a unicycle, thats just cool

mdadams1 01-28-14 10:49 AM

Uh, not into beer but a case of coke would be fine....:lol: Riding a cross course on a unicycle is really not that difficult....I have a muni (mountain unicycle) and ride it on trails all the time....It is an amazing amount of fun.... and creates quite a buzz when folks see you....I learned how to unicycle at 56 yrs old. Still riding and almost 60.

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