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Barchettaman 01-17-14 10:01 AM

Oval Concepts 327 wheelset - clincher tyre recommendations
Specifically, how ´wide´ should I go? The rim is 22mm wide, so towards the bigger end of modern clincher wheelsets.

I also have a set of Felt TTR2 wheels, which are apparently 19.4mm wide at the rim. Is there a recommended may width for cyclocross-specific tyres with this kind of standard road rim?

Thanks in advance, apologies for the newbie-type question.


fietsbob 01-17-14 10:50 AM

<Guess> , normal for cross.. 32~35ish . which tread (?)is a what kind of course conditions thing..

Barchettaman 01-18-14 02:54 AM

Thanks Bob, that'll get me started.
have a good weekend.

Barrettscv 01-18-14 09:18 AM

Yes, you could fit just about any tire from 700x23 to 700x40. Frame or fork clearance might limit you to 700x35 or 700x38, depending on the bike.

Barchettaman 01-19-14 05:02 AM

Thanks, much appreciated.


Barchettaman 01-27-14 12:50 PM

I ended up with a pair of Michelin TransWorld Sprint, in 37/622, which were cheap and should get me started. They went on easily enough, the build continues!

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