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Myosmith 02-18-14 08:03 AM

Thanks Mods for recognizing us gravel grinders

BluesDawg 02-18-14 09:43 AM


RaleighSport 02-18-14 09:44 AM

Very cool!

Tom Stormcrowe 02-18-14 10:35 AM

You're welcome. barretcsv came up with the change of name idea, in the end while I was thinking on how to incorporate you gravel grinders and where to give you a home, and his suggestion made sense. :D We're happy to accommodate where we can. :D

gomango 02-18-14 11:11 AM

Thank you!

I rarely ride just on asphalt and this forum pretty accurately describes what I am up to.

hairnet 02-18-14 06:06 PM

Some of us like to get dirty too.

ThermionicScott 02-18-14 09:13 PM

Cool, I wondered how I'd missed this. Seems like this had become the "gravel riding and people who were thinking about buying a 'cross' bike" forum anyways. ;)

shelbyfv 02-19-14 04:45 PM

Well done, mods!!

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