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psub 02-19-14 05:46 PM

New to cyclocross
Hi, i am new to cyclocross but plan to get back on the saddle. I am 29 yrs and 6'1''. I plan to use the bike commuting(80%) and for recreational riding on gravel path (20-30%). I have been looking at 2014 jake the snake($1699) vs 2014 Cannondale CAADX 105($1570). I tested both the bikes today, CAADX on a machine and JTS at road. Maybe it was the road test, but i liked the short test on JTS. Since i will mostly be commuting and don't plan to race, do you guys think one is better than the other? Thanks for your response

Barrettscv 02-19-14 05:56 PM

Welcome to Bikeforums! Both are great bikes for what you describe. Hard to go wrong with either.

Andy_K 02-19-14 06:14 PM

Agreed. Both are great. They will both accept rack and fenders, which is great for your use and somewhat uncommon for CX bikes at that level.

The Snake has disc brakes, which is far and away the biggest difference between them. I like discs for commuting, but they're not really necessary. I'm also a bit partial to Konas, but that's just me.

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