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Chief Brody 02-28-14 02:38 PM

Anyone planning on riding the Rhodekill Spring Classic? I received a little info about it via email today, but not much more than what was posted on FB.

Might be worth checking out for the RI/Conn/Mass contingent.

Chief Brody 03-24-14 09:52 AM

Did the wealth of info in my original post entice anyone enough to check out this ride?

gamby 05-18-14 11:30 PM

Replying to this very late.

I skipped it because of the weather. The miserable weather ruined it, although 50 or so riders showed up for it. A couple of the guys I ride with did it. One bailed out after the 43 mile mark because the rain beat the crap out of him. The other made it through the full route but said it was one of the hardest rides he ever did. 65 miles of cold rain. I'll try it next year if it's dry.

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