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mrapodaca 03-07-14 06:52 PM

CX_Tubeless > 35

I built up my first CX last year and decided to go tubeless from the start which around here was a solid move with all the damn goat heads!! Anyway after a season of riding pretty much for pleasure my Vittorias 700x32 are shredded. I'm really thinking I'd like to move up to a 38-40 width. I know I have the clearance but I'm having a hard time finding tubeless tires in those sizes... any suggestions..? could I use a non tubeless tire on my stans tubeless rims..?

Thank you for any insight!!


Pynchonite 03-20-14 04:27 PM

WTB's coming out w/ a 35c tubeless tire later this year, but that's pretty much it. I'd look at, since they usually comment on how well the 40c-ish tires they test set up without tubes.

tolik 04-08-14 10:36 AM

Clements MSO or USH. Can be run tubless or with a tube in case of puncture.

jsigone 04-08-14 11:35 AM

might need more rim tape to get a tight seal. You should also confirm that the tires are not porous and will soak in the stan sealant.

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