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Sportster2009 04-20-14 06:33 PM

Want new wheelset for my 2013 Cannondale CAADX Ultegra Disc.
I use this bike 90% of the time on the road. I'm a clyde, currently weighing in at a solid 225 pounds. I would like a new wheelset to use on the road. I will put Conti 4 Season 28's on the new wheels. The stock wheels will have the stock tires that I can use on the rail trails. What are some good wheelsets that will fit this bike and will work well on the road? Thanks for any input...

1speeder 04-20-14 07:49 PM

What is your price range? There are many, many CX disc brake wheel sets out there.

Sportster2009 04-20-14 07:53 PM

700.00 is the highest I would go.

MudvilleStomper 04-20-14 08:28 PM

I started out by looking at Hopes laced to H Plus Son Archetypes. Those wheels weren't the lightest (32 spokes front and rear) but they're close to your price range. Now I'm planning on Hadleys laced to HED Belgiums, again with 32 spokes front and rear. Those are about $200 over your limit. They won't be super light either, but they'll be super sweet and I won't be worrying about wheels for a long time. I weigh 210 - 215.

1speeder 04-20-14 09:29 PM


Originally Posted by Sportster2009 (Post 16688534)
700.00 is the highest I would go.

I think the Stan's wheel sets are the best bang for the buck/weight. For your weight, check out the Alpha 400 disc wheel set, good for someone up to 250 lbs, it's light at 1680 grams and list for $645. Stan's also has a Alpha 350 disc wheel set, but the weight limit is 200 lbs, it is even lighter but cost $695. Both wheel sets can be set up tubeless which could be a plus! Road and Cross Wheels


chriskmurray 04-20-14 09:56 PM

I personally weigh just a little less than you at 200lbs and LOVE my White Industries hubs laced to Velocity A23 rims. I just did 32h front/rear and even riding singletrack these have held up quite well.

The set would cost right at around $700 retail but you could go cheaper by substituting a different set of hubs if you don't want to go all out.

jaxgtr 06-09-14 06:55 PM

I just bought some Boyd Altamont's with Disc. I'm 208 and they were 695 shipped. They are very sweet, use them on my commuter and ride Bontrager 700*25 AW2's.

Zoxe 06-09-14 07:16 PM

I'll pile on and say Boyd. These are 2013 Vitesse, the predecessor to the current Altamont. I am 195ish.

A couple of crappy cell pics on overcast days. (If it's sunny, I'm out riding!). First one is on a recent vacation to the North Carolina coast.

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