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Noonievut 05-14-14 03:57 AM

UST Tubeless rims/tires
On my mountain bike I have Easton UST rims and Maxxis UST tires. They work great, as there is no additional items needed given the tight seal they provide. I put some Stans in there and feel like I can ride anywhere, and the responsiveness, traction and feel of the wheel is great. And I assuming this UST 'system' is very consistent as opposed to making a none-tubeless system - tubeless (heard about this, never tried though).

Yesterday I was out on my cross bike (cheap rims, Clement tires with tubes) and thought that the UST system would be nice on that bike.

I'll do some research on the availability of UST for 'cross', but was wondering if anyone already has this, or has looked into it?


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