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Barrettscv 06-04-14 03:40 PM

tubular tires for road and trails?
I'm considering a tubular wheel and tire combination for my vintage CX bike. I'm looking at the 700x27 Vittoria Pave or Challenge Parigi-Roubaix tires. My usage would be 75% road and 25% firm and smooth gravel.

Is anyone using a tubular tires for non-race cycling?

flargle 06-05-14 09:09 AM

What will you do when you flat?

Kopsis 06-05-14 09:47 AM

My question would be "why?" I race on tubulars because it lets me run crazy low tire pressures. And other than the slight possibility of rolling one, there's little that can go wrong with them during a race (punctures are extremely rare on courses in my region). But for road and trails (unless you're riding some really ugly singletrack) I'm not sure there's enough benefit to make it worth the risk/hassle.

I guess if you're doing it from a "vintage restoration" standpoint (i.e. that's what the bike originally used) I can see the rationale, but I'd be really concerned about flatting on long rides. Stan's sealant is good, but not invincible. I guess you could ride like the vintage riders did with a spare sew-up worn over the shoulder like a bandoleer :)

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