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Marcopolo21 06-10-14 06:07 PM

Cannondale Caadx disc 3 ultegra
I am a bike commuter in London and want to upgrade to a proper cyclocross...I love the look of cannondale caad disc 3 ultegra and understand that it's got some good spec but apparently is "rigid" to handle (not entirely sure what that means). i also read that specialized do a good cyclocross too. i will be grateful for some views, thoughts or comments on this cannondale model (or cannondale generally) and if someone has views on cannondale v specialized (which one's better in the cyclocross range) then that will be gratefully received too...

Lacumo 06-10-14 07:40 PM

Welcome to BF!

no1mad 06-10-14 10:13 PM

Welcome to the Forums. I moved this thread from Introductions to increase the chances of you getting the feedback that you seek.

Marcopolo21 06-11-14 12:16 AM


Silvermund 06-11-14 03:09 PM

hi @ Marco, ive had my caadx ultegra 2014 bike for 9 days. Its a very joyfull ride, i love its responsive manners, it fells like its rewarding your every paddle. Its a stiff monster, its not a comfy ride on hefty stonegravel, or to many cracks in the road, as with racing bikes i guess?

Dream Cyclery 06-12-14 12:16 AM

They are very nice ride indeed. Make sure you get the ones with Ultegra 6800 though.

Cameronbic 07-06-14 08:05 PM

FWIW, I tried to order one last week and most sizes are sold out in anticipation of the 2015 models coming out. Apparently there won't be an Ultegra option for 2015, it's being replaced by the Rival 22 model. So if you are buying new and had your heart set on Ultegra call now and see if they have any of your size left. From all the early reports on the Rival 22 group, though, it sounds like an upgrade.

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