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epiphron 08-11-14 12:58 AM

Motobecane Fantom Cross Trail vs Motobecane Fantom CX?
Hi everyone,

Noob here looking to pick up my first road bike and came across these. I've heard so much about the Fantom CX, but nothing on the Fantom Trail, even though the Trail has a carbon fork and components seem better?
Any suggestions?

mack_turtle 08-12-14 11:44 AM

the "trail" version seems like more of a CX race bike while the Fantom is more of a do-all road/commute/tour/trail bike. look into "gravel grind" races, it would be a great bike for that kind of fun too.

be sure to get some confident feedback on the right size frame and have a competent bicycle mechanic assemble and tune up the bike for you if you buy a bike from an online seller like that.

NormanF 08-12-14 11:47 AM

Definitely a Fantom. A hardcore CX bike is probably overkill.

Cyclosaurus 08-12-14 12:23 PM

I have the Fantom CX (in grey). One thing to note between the Cross Trail and the CX is that the Cross Trail has Claris 2400 shifters/FD and the CX has Sora. The CX has a tiagra RD (vs sora on the Cross Trail). On the flip side, the Cross Trail has a carbon fork vs a Cro-mo fork on the CX. For me, I'm happier with the steel fork and better shifters/drivetrain components.

Kopsis 08-12-14 02:42 PM

BD has two styles of alloy CX frames. The Fantom CX is using the old frame style, the Trail is using the new style. The new style was significantly lighter when it was exclusively available on the higher-end models. Now that it's moved down the model line, there's no telling if its the same lightweight tubing, or something heavier/cheaper built to the same geo. Geometry on both frames is pretty relaxed by CX standards. I had an FCXPro with the new style frame and it was a nice bike, but I wouldn't call it "nimble" (definitely not what most would consider a "race bike"). Both have braze-ons for racks and fenders, so either would make a decent commuter or gravel grinder. The Trail offers an upgrade path to disk brakes ... could be a nice feature if you plan to hang on to the bike for a while.

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