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Elco 01-04-21 01:55 PM

Bmx Gyro system ...(* bar end _ ⁰360 rotation brake system)
i have rebuild some old skool BMX bikes some people donated to the recycle shop...
the one piece crank system was up for a new smack of grease...and good lovin'
and a new set of gyro cables the trick is in the front mech of the system.
the fork can move free without the cable being in the way of rotating the bar-end either way for more then ⁰360.
what is a good thing for the real radical hipster bmx type youth's now' a-days...
now for the fun bit.
the front mech is modded with two rings / thats how it works..
stil there is an OTHER cable ...going straight down the fork...from the bar .mech...**********
it's truely remarkable !!!
there is a nut ...that is hollow where the brake cable just fits
i would post the close up ..
jet i am a newbie to this forum so have patience with me and it will all make sense..
peace for 2021 and beesafe..

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