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umd 12-21-08 06:15 PM

Santa cross today

shapelike 03-05-09 06:29 AM

Damn you Californians and your year-round racing. *bides his time until April*

Tom88 06-14-09 10:00 PM

heres some pictures from the grand prix of gloucester last october

Tom88 06-14-09 10:01 PM

John Wilke 09-09-09 09:03 PM

Anxiously awaiting the first 'cross race ... here's a few that I shot last year in the IL/WI area:

Of course, for Halloween ... the burning coffin jump ! :love:

Andy_K 09-12-09 11:50 PM

I did my first CX race of the year today -- Pain on the Peak at Bald Peak, Oregon.

I got there early and did a leisurely pre-ride before the first race started. I think that may have been my fastest lap of the day. :)

None of these people are me. I took these while waiting for my category to start.

I think this picture captures the essence of the day -- straw and dejection. And, oh yeah, this guy isn't actually that tan. He's covered in dirt.

The course was about 80 percent covered with matted straw. That was kind of interesting. What kind of tire works best on straw? Whatever it is, I don't it is what I was using. I think the guy on the right here needs to tighten his helmet.

The picture doesn't do the incline of this turn justice. My front wheel came off the ground nearly every time through here.

You can kind of see how this one worked. The slick straw made this nasty. I saw more than a few guys chewing the hay.

This turn looked like it was going to be tough, but it actually ended up being pretty easy if you stayed close in.

Here's the course dipping into the woods. I wish I had some pictures from in there. That was my favorite part of the race.

This was my least favorite part (to put it mildly), on the other side of the woods. Again, it's hard to get a good picture of a hill, but this guy isn't actually leaning over very much.

When you got to the top of the climb, this was your reward:

They say it was dustier last year at this site.

If I had been able to breath, it would have been quite a scenic ride.

Cynikal 09-13-09 09:20 AM

From yesterday's race. Single speed is tough.

shapelike 09-13-09 02:46 PM

2009-09-12 @ We Need More Cowbell (St. Catherine's, Ontario):

Full set here:

carlfreddy 09-21-09 11:12 PM

'Cross Under the Lights, Herman, MO

ridethatbike 09-22-09 12:27 PM

^^How was that? I'm going to be in Hermann one weekend too late it seems (Saturday night).

myclem 09-22-09 12:37 PM

MFG uBRDO Kick-Off Cross - Kirkland, WA
A few from recent MFG uBRDO Kick-Off Cross:

Other CX pics here: flickriver

3MTA3 09-23-09 06:15 PM

myclem 09-25-09 03:38 PM

2009 Starcrossed - Marymoor Park, Redmond, WA
All pics here: Starcrossed 2009

gfactor 09-27-09 03:31 PM

1 Attachment(s)
From Ed Sander today.

Lithuania 09-27-09 06:06 PM

hey i saw you ride into the pit i think. Were you the guy saying you had a wheel in the car?

gfactor 09-27-09 06:29 PM

That's not a pic of me. That's a pic my gf took. I don't know who it is.

*new*guy 09-29-09 07:41 AM

333foto 09-29-09 10:03 AM


kennykaos 09-29-09 11:55 AM

me racing this past saturday at whirlybird cyclocross in bryn athyn PA,

caloso 09-29-09 04:59 PM

My best move of the day: Used telekinesis to make that guy's chain come off, and then I went right on by!

John Wilke 09-29-09 05:27 PM

100 people at the USGP Planet Bike Cup this past weekend with cameras and NO pictures here yet??

I'll start.

Jeremy Powers won on Saturday:

Erwin Vervecken (3 time World Champion) won on Sunday (photos from Saturday):

Katie Compton won both days:

Jonathon Page rolled one or more tires BOTH days :rolleyes:

It was a cool course though:

hoo_koo 09-29-09 10:38 PM

A few from Sacramento CX Race #1:

More photos here: SacCXPix

Cynikal 09-30-09 09:21 AM

That was a fast and fun race. Awesome shot of my BEER teammate (Devin).

caloso 10-01-09 11:41 PM

Another from Team Beer's awesomely fun Del Paso Park CX, me coming into the finishing straight:

jdeane4 10-04-09 05:06 PM

The Georgia Cyclocross Series kicked off today. Here's some photos. This was my first CX race too!!

I'm 3rd from top in the red/white kit w/ black shorts

I'm 3rd in line

And again, red/white jersey with black shorts carrying the bike across the beach.

Good times!! I'm definitely hooked and can't wait for the next race!

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