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Yotsko 01-04-13 05:11 PM


Originally Posted by 53-12 (Post 14867913)

Such an epic pic. Even better because the dude is in his drops.

Rumpled 01-08-13 05:43 PM

That's one of the Rock Lobster guys, Scott Chapin, they fly the flyovers and get air just about everywhere they can on a course.
I asked a couple of them at the Pomona UCI race if getting air was in their contracts since they do it so much.
They said they just like having fun.
And they are pretty fast and have skills.
Pretty sure Aaron Bradford has a downhill National Championship - so yeah, he can jump.

Cynikal 09-24-13 03:22 PM

A surprise muddy NorCal race last weekend.

1242Vintage 10-05-13 12:51 PM


Originally Posted by Cynikal (Post 16100052)
A surprise muddy NorCal race last weekend.

Great photo. I raced in the earlier ... and dry .... C race and was hanging out under the easy up in the background to watch the action. What amazed me was how quickly course conditions changed when the rain hit and how you more experienced racers adjusted to those rapidly changing conditions.

hammy56 10-05-13 11:01 PM

Cynikal 10-07-13 08:43 AM


Originally Posted by 1242Vintage (Post 16135177)
Great photo. I raced in the earlier ... and dry .... C race and was hanging out under the easy up in the background to watch the action. What amazed me was how quickly course conditions changed when the rain hit and how you more experienced racers adjusted to those rapidly changing conditions.

Thanks. I'm just glad I brought my mud tires. I grabbed them on a whim but it made a huge difference out there. That was a crazy day. Did you race SacCX#2 yesterday? I did both the C and the SS race.

Jakedatc 10-07-13 08:54 AM

some pics from both days at Providence
benefit of riding the barriers. Jpow on the gas already

Trebon is one big dude
Big air for the beer garden fans

day 2
Compton trying to hold off Nash

1242Vintage 10-08-13 01:21 AM


Originally Posted by Cynikal (Post 16139408)
Did you race SacCX#2 yesterday? I did both the C and the SS race.

I was out there for #2 . Great venue. C45+ Bib 417. Flatted front on lap 1, quick change, then started losing air on the rear but nursed it through the race. I'm borrowing a SS 26'' mtn bike this week to check it out. Might race SS in addition to C at third race. See you out there next time.

Fat Boy 10-10-13 11:41 AM

caloso 10-14-13 08:58 AM

El Dorado Hills CX, Singlespeed B

photo by Jim Elder

Lspade 10-14-13 02:42 PM

I am soo jealous of your kit.

hammy56 10-14-13 03:59 PM

youre not alone.

richpool 10-28-13 10:54 AM

Note this is not really CX but figured gravel races fit best in here.

Here are some photos and a little recap from the most brutal race of my life. Its called JAGGER, it is a 37 mile gravel race held just north of Eskridge, Kansas. I did stop and take a couple photos during the race, I pretty much solo'ed the entire event, so it really didnt matter. It had 4,475' of climbing in 37 miles (according to my edge 500). 1,491 feet per lap, it was 3 laps total. The race started with a hill climb, right turn, descent then hardest climb of the day. None of the climbs were long really. Just short and painfully super steep. I couldnt find a rhythm during the entire event, which is what lead me to riding solo. After every lap I debated quitting, hell after the first 3 miles I thought about it. A mountain bike probably would have been a better choice than my Crux, I dont think "gravel race" is a good description. Most of the rocks were first sized and it wasnt on "real" roads mainly farm roads and b roads. I pinch flatted the rear at the end of the second lap. I was running 77psi in a 90 psi max tire. I had no idea that was possible. The biggest thing I learned was that my bike handling skills are not as great as I thought. The descents were what really lost me time, for the first time ever I wished I had disc brakes. I did finish, I was the last to finish in my category, but there were a number of DNF's. Finished with an average speed of 10.9 mph and topped out at 36 mph.
Race Map
Elevation Profile.
This was the first real climb and it was just a punch in the mouth. Each of the sharp vertical angles is over 14%
If you can follow the road it goes all the way up to the tower, but you turn left before it.
Looking down the second to last climb
Down and up all day long.
This picture I have posted before, this descent was called the "wash out" section and immediately followed the toughest climb. The first time down I could barely ride it. The best line I ever found was riding as far to the right as possible. I thought this would be just a short section but it seems like 45% of the race was on this type of gravel. Sorry for the long post.

53-12 10-28-13 04:58 PM

2013 Southern California Prestige Series SpookyCross
I have done everything I can to post photos, but it is no use. Anyway here is a link to a post from Saturday's races in SoCal:

some photos there, and link to a flickr set of more.

midschool22 10-30-13 01:01 PM

Chicago Cross Cup. Wauconda tour stop.

caloso 11-03-13 07:11 PM

Hold it straight!

photo by Tim Westmore

stevemtbr 11-05-13 12:01 PM

A couple of pics from Sunday's race. Had three guys chasing me for most of the race and I was riding like a mad man to keep them at bay. I would open a gap then they would close the gap and this went on for 4 laps. But in the end two of them passed me on the last lap finishing just a second apart and we were all cooked at the finish.

First trip through the barriers.

Pictures are courtesy or Hank Greer

Smiziley 11-06-13 06:23 AM

Racing cross on my mtb this year, switched out the front suspension for a rigid fork. The 22 tooth chainring comes in handy sometimes:

Sometimes I like to play with the camera, I think that was taken while in 3rd place (finished 5th of 39).

Photos by John White & Alena Pugacheva.

Niloc 11-11-13 07:32 PM

1 Attachment(s)
My first race ever, and I wish I'd started earlier. Woodland Park GP in Seattle. My buddy snapped this with his phone from the sideline.

Refreshing 06-10-14 09:48 AM

Muddy cyclocross racing is the BEST cyclocross racing. It rained all day and I crashed four times during the race. The combination of a sandpit and all of the mud made even my egg beaters hard to clip in. This was easily my favorite race last year! Oh, and this photo made me realize why the race officials always yell at newbies for not pinning their numbers on the right way. Haha.

midschool22 06-15-14 11:29 PM

My Wife Inc FTW!!! :D

midschool22 07-25-14 06:52 PM

Look what I scored...:D

Black wallnut 09-09-14 01:10 PM

1 Attachment(s)

MFG Lake Sammamish right after me passing these other two. I don't think they were in the same category as I.

Andy_K 09-09-14 03:47 PM

If you look close at the left shifter, you can see that I'm actually using my big chainring. This is definitely a "pictures or it didn't happen" type of thing. :thumb:

Photo by Virginia Xing, Bicycle Way of Life

caloso 09-10-14 10:31 PM

First CX race of the year: West Sac Grand Prix.

Photo by Jeff Namba.

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