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JeffOYB 04-14-13 11:47 AM

Wear rate for Grifos on grass/loam?
I love racing and training on my Grifo's but I hope I don't wear em out quick. I'd think that riding on my yard trail which is soft grass, leaves and loam wouldn't wear tires out fast but it's my first season so I have no idea. I have a couple other tires I can use but I've just been going for the grin factor these days. I suppose it's time to spare my sweet tires a bit. Anyway, how long to expect Grifo's to last? What kind of soft dirt mileage do they get? It's soft turf but then the rubber seems soft, too. I'm not braking much or skidding. (Fietsbob thought this was a better Q for the Race side of the forum. I don't quite see why, but then I'm still unclear as to why the group was split. CX is kind of about racing.) Thanks, JP

GrayJay 04-15-13 06:21 PM

I would expect very minimal tread wear if just riding on grass, you will likely puncture, cut, carcass rot or have the basetape peel off long before the tread actually wears out. Riding roads and rocky trails is different story, I did wear most of the center tread off my rear file-tread tubular by riding in on the road for couple hundred miles. With the tread rubber compond optimized for good traction, wear rate is probably a minimal consideration to manufactures.

billh 08-13-13 01:00 PM

I just stumbled upon this Racing Forum for cyclocross, doesn't look as well read as the other Cyclocross forum, which is much more visible . . .

anyway, I have some tubular Grifos glued on to Sun Vista Cruiser 32h rims, and raced them 4-8 times each of the last three seasons. the tread looks almost brand new. Plus a handful of training runs. the rubber is not even dry or cracking, but they live in my basement most of the year because I only bring them out on weekends during cx season. People tell me I should reglue them . . . but they have held up remarkably well, albeit under minimal use.

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