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JeffOYB 09-15-13 07:56 AM

Transition from ABC > Cats ... How's it goin'?
Basically, I have decent skills, speed, etc., but I don't have a license. Is 5's going to be my fate from now on as a "one day" license racer? My impression is that "one day" licensees are automatically 5's. ?

Hopefully it's all just organizer discretion and I can just ask to get into whatever start seems to fit best. I could tell the org's that I usually do pretty good in non-sanctioned B's. (Our local nonsanction series still has B's.)

Since I'm 51 my "best fit" Cat would be Cat 4's 45+. 4's would be fine, too. (Masters 45+ starts with 1/2/3's here and is what would have been the old A's race -- too fast for me. Our best B's finish nearly last in A's.)

Even if I had a license it would take me, what, 10 races to upgrade 5's > 4's -- that would take years at my pace. I only do a couple sanctioned races a year.

I suppose this has all been hashed out elsewhere, but I didn't see it in the other "What's up with the 5's?" thread.

marqueemoon 09-15-13 10:00 AM

Contact your USA Cycling rep and see what they say. I'm in a similar boat in that I do a few sanctioned races a year, and mostly singlespeed, which here is a pretty tough category. I was told I was eligible to upgrade based on my number of starts + other experience but that I was need to buy a year license which since I only race cross and only a handful of sanctioned races does not make financial sense. So, I will just continue to race singlespeed in the sanctioned series.

jfmckenna 09-19-13 02:30 PM

It used to be that way but it's not anymore. If you buy a one day then you are a 5. If you plan on doing a lot of races then just get a USAC license. I think they prorate it since it's close to the end of the year. They used to do that anyway. Then you can start as a 5 and cat up otherwise you will be a one day cat 5 forever. I doubt they will take into consideration non sanctioned races though they might so as moon suggested can't hurt to ask. You would probably want to make a race resume to include date, location, number of racers in the field, your placing and so on.

The opposite thing sort of happened to me. I had been racing cross for a few years and doing well. I showed up to a road race only to find out after driving for 5 hours and getting a hotel room that there was no cat 5 field. This would have been my first road race. The official knew who I was from cross and upgraded me to a 4 so I could race.

So it can't hurt to ask.

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