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JeffOYB 09-22-13 08:12 PM

Sven at Cross Vegas, Sept 18
Here's a link to the Cross Vegas race, courtesy of "Behind the Barriers," the J-Pow Show.

Nice to watch Sven do his thing.

J-Pow came up fast and hard -- amazing how quick those guys can bridge when they want to.

Was it really hot that night? I hope so and I hope that a "cooling splash" was a welcome thing. I haven't seen a lot of race finishes lately but I was surprised to see a spectator throw water or a drink on Sven as he finished. I mean, was that OK? I recall one of those guys going into the crowd and pounding a fan who doused him, but hopefully that was different.

fietsbob 09-23-13 02:48 PM

wonder what the appearance fee was for them to get him to show up . ?

GrayJay 09-26-13 05:13 PM


Originally Posted by fietsbob (Post 16096362)
wonder what the appearance fee was for them to get him to show up . ?

News stories from 2008 list Nys start fee then at 8000€ per race. He probably gets even more this year wearing the rainbow stripes. The top euro CX pros likely make the majority of thier money from the start fees, not necessarily from team salary or prize money. Big difference in the sports funding model in Belgium is that the promoters charge admission to the spectators so there is a fairly steady revenue stream for the promotor to pay the stars with.

fietsbob 09-26-13 11:01 PM

+ Interbike ,Vegas, is The big Bike industry Trade show in the US.. booth fees are not small change.

Rumpled 10-11-13 10:45 PM

It was not, 'bout 95 or so for the first race (which I finished last in!)
Bad move spraying Sven like that.
He really turned it on, just dropped Trebon like a bad habit and solo'd for the win.

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