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billh 10-02-13 01:30 PM

Vittoria Mastik 250g can online?
anyone have a link to an online seller of Vittoria Mastik 250g can of glue, I need to glue, reglue my tubulars. everyone has the 30g tubes, even my local shop. but the 250g can is backordered everywhere I could find. I ordered some from Bike Bling out of San Diego on Sep 13 but they don't expect it in till mid-October. Meanwhile, I suffer on clinchers.

GrayJay 10-02-13 04:15 PM

If you can get 30g tubes from LBS for a reasonable cost (+no shipping!), then using tubes is only slightly more expensive than getting a can. Tubes are much easier to apply from and you wont risk waste 1/2 the can by accidentally leaving the lid off or finding it has hardened to a hockey puck when you open it next season.

marqueemoon 10-02-13 06:12 PM


Also, tubes are a built-in gauge of how much you're using. I've found 3 is perfect for a pair of cross tires.

Just get the tubes.

yochris 10-02-13 09:51 PM

edit: oops never mind looks like it's out of stock there too.

billh 10-03-13 03:12 PM

the first (and only) time I glued my tires, two of them, I ended up using about . . . 7/8 of a 250g can . . . I guess I really gooped it on . . . the protocol I followed was something like two coats on each rim and each tire, was thinking "the more the better", since the glue is really the only thing holding them on, at low pressures, unlike road tubies. I will have to dig up the protocol, since it's been a couple years.

ps--maybe it was this one, except I did not use rim tape, and I note they said "thin" layers . . . but still they use two coats on the tire and two coats on the rim, that's a lot of glue. and multiply by two for two tires. that's . . . calculating . . . 8 total coats?

GrayJay 10-06-13 11:58 PM

If you correctly follow the multi-layer protocol, you will go through a lot of mastik. Just getting two tires done per 250gr can is probably a bit excessive but I can easily see using two 30gr tubes per tire if you were starting with a new tire and a clean rim. Make the first two layers to the tire & rim thin coats, then use a final thick wet coat for mounting the tire, be sure there is enough mastic for full contact, should fill-in any voids, should be slightly squirting out the edges a bit.

billh 11-20-13 12:12 PM

the 250g can finally arrived from Bike Bling of San Diego, one of the only online sources I could find at $25 per can plus shipping. That's six weeks after the initial order, and now only three racing weekends left. So, if there are any entrepreneurial types out there, stock up for next season and price gouge the hell out of us johnny-come-latelys next fall. I did see a 250g can on ebay couple weeks ago for $35. just couldn't do it.

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