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The Domestique 10-24-13 12:48 PM

Cyclocross POV (3 Cameras on the bike)
Hey, friends. I hope you enjoy this. This is one of the more beautiful races we get to do here. It's typically very heavy grass racing with nasty thick sand from time to time. I hope you enjoy it. I shot it with two Gopro2s and a Contour Roam. The edit was done on FCPX. I hope you enjoy.

I also included a video I shot of the following race using our quad copter. It gives you a better look at the course that we raced. Let me know what you think.

billh 10-24-13 01:37 PM

pretty cool . . . but the right couple inches is chopped off . .. at least on my monitor/ browser combo. ?

thought you might show a split screen with back, front, side combos simultaneous . . .

Smiziley 11-06-13 06:14 AM

Nice finish considering the extra time. If you do well on the straights (like you said in the video) then you should really improve on your technical skills. The slop pointed out in the video was pretty well-groomed and easily manageable. I see all those awesome mountains in the background, you should definitely hit up some single track.

The Domestique 11-11-13 10:23 AM

I can do that. That would actually be pretty cool.

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