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Niloc 01-12-14 06:10 PM

The anti-nationals
So I understand there were some races in Colorado over the weekend, but I got in my first race of 2014 (or was it the last race of the 2013 season?) at Chiller Cross up in Bellingham yesterday. Also humorously known as the anti-nationals. It was great fun: a well laid out challenging course, a small but fun crowd, a Le Mans start, and really pretty decent weather. I rain and windstorm brought down a bunch of branches overnight, but the rain held off for my race also though I'm betting later starts got drenched. Considering it's been done with in sub-freezing temps with snow on the ground I think I got off easy.

fietsbob 02-20-14 12:44 AM

well anything outside the official USCF /UCI advance to being in a race with the stars, should be a fun time ..

turns out I didn't even care about going fast er.. than the next guy ,

so I went out of the country, on tours, to drink with the locals :beer:

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