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JeffOYB 02-10-14 02:12 PM

Any better World's video?
I see that there are highlights videos of the various World's races.

Nah. I'll take the whole races. Or just different chunks.

Last year's World's were available as complete video.

I don't want no 8-minute edit.

I've heard that Sven and Styby had a good race. The edit doesn't really show it, except for when Sven hurdles Styby. I bet I'd get a better sense of the action if I could see the action, all of it, or more of it.

So...any video out there?

justin1138 02-10-14 07:10 PM

The UCI channel on Youtube has it, but it's blocked in the US because Universal Sports has the rights to it.

You can "unlock" it by using a VPN app and routing your connection through the UK. That's how I watched it live at least...

Good luck.

justin1138 02-10-14 07:11 PM

It was a REALLY good race, btw

fotooutdoors 02-12-14 12:16 PM

Not complete video, but the most recent svenness video covers about half the race.

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