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bbbean 03-09-14 08:45 PM

Road wheelset Q
My Superx has Fulcrum Racing 7 CX rims. Am I better off picking up an identical wheelset for a road riding so I don't have to adjust brakes, or would the performance benefits of a narrower road wheelset make tweeking brakes worthwhile?


Kopsis 03-10-14 07:29 AM

You should be able to run 25s on those rims with no problems. Studies have shown that you won't see much (if any) performance difference between 25s and 23s (what the 25s lose in aero, they pay back in improved traction and power transfer).

Where you could see some benefits is going to a lighter wheelset. At 1900g the 7s aren't terrible, but you could easily drop another 300g with a lightweight road wheelset. But unless you're racing crits (or your cantis are a lot less fussy than mine), I'm not sure it would be worth the hassle.

Barrettscv 03-10-14 05:03 PM

I agree that having a matching set of wheels for quick changes is the best way to go. Very few people have ample time for training and riding, why kill any of that time adjusting brakes?

bbbean 03-10-14 08:47 PM

So - anyone have any specific wheelsets they'd recommend?

thirdgenbird 03-10-14 08:56 PM

Those rims are the same rims used on road wheelsets. The cx just adds an extra seal

i would look at buying another set of fulcrums. Campy seems fairly consistent with their rim widths and dropout to first cog spacing. No brake or derailleur adjustments should be needed.

fietsbob 03-12-14 08:15 AM

Cross tires are often Glued on Sew-ups , for races, so tire pressures can be lower

Tubeless wired on as I read, are potentially subject to burping out all the air at once in corners .

horde old sew-uo rims , build up several wheelsets with what ever hums you use,
as gluing on tires needs to be done ahead of time..

so you change wheels rather than tires.

and use the rest of the week to mend punctures resew and glue the tires on .

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