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Bail King 03-03-08 10:12 AM

Congrats on the new bike.. Spring will soon be here, and we will all have to get together for a ride...

chilibizkit 03-13-08 07:05 AM


Originally Posted by Bail King (Post 6269931)
Congrats on the new bike.. Spring will soon be here, and we will all have to get together for a ride...


Nice to see some snow melting yesterday. Definitely looking forward to getting together for a ride. I signed up for a race at durham forest (Uxbridge Icebreaker) this April through so looking forward to getting alot of bike time in.

sweep242 03-17-08 05:40 PM

Good for you i here Durham forest is a great place to ride. The ice braker gets a ton of people out.

Rode my skinny tire bike to work today Woo Hoo!

sweep242 03-21-08 08:54 PM

Local Local Local check it out.

Nice job

Bail King 03-27-08 07:36 AM

Lets fix this a bit. Get you right past the page that sucks, right to the forum..

soon we will be getting rid of the front page that is there and fixing it up a bit...

Please join, we need to get this local site a little bigger.

Railrodder 05-26-08 09:48 AM

New here!
Hi,I just joined this thread today and just wanted to say a few things about me. I have always enjoyed "biking",but never wanted to spend great amounts of money on my ride. I enjoy trail riding on my "cheap" SportTek HS6000 MTB and have really good luck with it! It cost under $200. My riding buddy(who also owns an HS6000) and I like to explore the many abandoned railway lines in the area as well as a quick tour through the trails in Collins Bay. We live in Amherstview, by the way, and there are plenty of trails near us.
As far as road bikes are concerned,I recently restored an old CCM Corsa 10-speed that now looks good and works beutiful! I'm not out to compete in the "Tour du France" but to go out and have a fun ride on a half decent bike. I love this bike partly because of it's age(not sure when it was produced yet) and that it takes me back to when I was a kid and 10-speeds were all the rage. I'm looking forward to taking a few hikes downtown and mabe for dinner some nice sumer evening.
Restoring old bikes can be fun. I just wish I could find more info on them.

sweep242 06-28-08 10:00 PM


sweep242 01-09-09 08:32 PM

Yo K-Town

squeaky12 03-30-09 11:29 AM

I go to school in boston, but it looks like I'll be spending my summer up in Kingston this year. How is the fixed gear following up there? I only ride fixed and I am looking for people who are interested in group rides and such.

sweep242 04-16-09 07:43 PM

Just looked in on the thread.


Ya fixed gear bikes are popping up like crazy around here I ride one & a bunch of my buddies as well! We do meet for group rides on Fridays @ market square.

Drop a line here or pm me when your in town.


sweep242 02-21-12 09:57 PM

My god last post here was 2009! Wow
If you live in Kingston,On. post up! Lets make something happen.

sweep242 04-12-13 09:04 PM

Year and a bit later.Still riding fixed and a lot of MTB. Bump.

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