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Velvetsmack 03-06-08 10:44 AM

New rider - Hey!, and some questions.. :)
Hi all. Just getting back into cycling since my university days (when I rode my trusty Bianchi).
I've been perusing this site and getting some great advice by reading these forums. I do have a couple questions however.

As it's been awhile since I've been out, and I'm not sure of the lighting equipment a road bike now requires - if any. Anybody care to "shed some light" as to what's required in Ontario in order to make the bike legit to ride?

Secondly, I've never ridden with clipless pedals - from what I've read I'm leaning towards Speedplay Zero (I'm 200lbs - but powerful soccer legs - I press hard. ;), but the bike I just purchased has Crank Brothers Smarty clipless. Any thoughts concerning the two?

From Ottawa btw. i may see some of you out on the road this summer.. :)

Iron Horse Triumph 5.0

J T CUNNINGHAM 03-06-08 04:30 PM

"from what I've read I'm leaning towards Speedplay Zero" QUOTE.

From my own experience with Speedplay, (the adjustable ones) I would

recomend them.


mchell 03-06-08 05:03 PM

Welcome to the forum. Maybe this will help answer your question(s) about lighting.


Not sure about the "intermittent lights not permitted" item. I plan to ask how the authorities interpret this. I want to be noticed, so I have a "blinkey" on all of my bikes and use it day and night.

Malistryx 03-06-08 06:45 PM

From the Gears Bike Shop website ( since they also list the corresponding fines:

You must wear a bike helmet if you are under the age of 18 [HTA 104]. The helmet has to be on your head and the clip must be attached. Helmets are highly recommended for adults, they save lives. $75 fine.

If you ride between 30 minutes after sunset and 30 minutes before sunrise, you need to have a white light (not just a reflector) on the front of your bike, and a red light on the back of your bike [HTA 62]. Technically, a light mounted on the body does not count. $35 fine.
*Adults are 4x more likely to be involved in a fatal collision at night than during the day.

All bicycles need a bell or horn attached to the bike [HTA 75 (5)]. The idea is to maintain courtesy, such as with pedestrians, and they only cost a few bucks. $105 fine.
*We’ve seen this one a lot and whistles and shouting don’t count.

All bicycles must have brakes, at least on the rear wheel. $105 fine.

All bicycles need reflective tape on the stays and forks, white and the front, and red at the back [HTA 62 (17)]. The tape must be at least 2.5cm wide and 25cm long, although this is impossible on many bikes. This is a funny one and the only place we have ever seen compliance is on the police bike fleet… go figure!

sweep242 03-06-08 07:22 PM

Give the smartys a try to see if you like clipless not all do, I still use clips & straps on one of my bikes!

I use small MEC blinkys front & back so far so good.

I read in the kingston whig today a guy got pulled over on a bike for not having lights on it yesterday! Guess it was a slow bad guy day?

Velvetsmack 03-06-08 08:08 PM

Thanks for all the replies. Forgot about the horn. Funny, never actually seen a horn on a race bike to my knowledge.

I'll talk to an LBS and get their input on the clips as well.

skiracing 03-07-08 12:42 PM

Jeez, I wasnt aware of any of those laws except the helmet for under 18. Not planning on complying with the bell or tape one, I do see a value in the lights though. If by some random chance I get "pulled over" then I will go to court and I'm almost certain a cop wouldn't show up for these kind of charges.

Also, it's kind of stupid that you would get a higher fine for not having a bell than you do for not having lights and riding in the dark.

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