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IronMac 06-05-08 06:22 AM

Looking - Friendly Group of Roadies on Trail - June 4

Passed a very friendly group of roadies on the Waterfront Trail yesterday evening at around nine pm just east of Ontario Place where the Trail exits the large stand of mature trees dedicated to an expeditionary force from WWII and turns south (west of the York naval installation). Small group of around 6-8; about four of whom had on LED lights (one or two of you need to aim them lower!), some of you waved, hence, the friendly comment. Was wondering if you'd be amenable to having someone who is a strong and experienced group rider join you?



skiracing 06-05-08 07:21 AM

I'd say the chances that one of them reads this is slim to none considering there are thousands of roadies in TO.

sanlevrier 06-05-08 11:08 AM

Ah but one never knows!

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