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skiracing 06-19-08 06:15 PM

K-W Classic June 22
Anyone doing the race or has done it in the past? I'm just curious what's it like.

Turd Ferguson 06-19-08 07:01 PM

I'm considering it. Pre-Reg closes at 12am tonight. Apparently it's considered one of the better races.

800over 06-19-08 07:45 PM

It's a really nice course....if the weather is nice it'll be a great day.

skiracing 06-19-08 10:01 PM

Well I decided to register at the last minute! I figured if I don't do it online, there is a good chance I will have 2nd thoughts come Sunday and just not go.... this way I feel obligated now. Besides, I dont know if I will get a chance to do any other race this summer as I will be overseas most of August.

This will be my first race ever, so... I really don't know what to expect. I guess one of the questions on my mind right now is, how competitive is the Senior 4 group?

Hopefully there won't be rain as that probably wouldn't make my first experience a pleasant one.

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