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dragon76 07-28-09 07:56 AM

TT training routes in Greater Toronto Area
Can any Torontonians (who I hope are) here recommend some good routes to ride for TT training? Good as in having a minimal # of traffic lights and stop signs, flat terrain, minimal cars and pedestrians to dodge, gives you about a 45-60 minute ride at ~40 km/h.

Routes that are in the Richmond Hill and Markham area are most ideal for me, but I'd also be interested in other areas as well.

Thanks in advance!

nostromo 07-28-09 08:24 AM

Have you tried Dufferin Street north of Major Mac? I usually ride north of there (as far west as Kleinburg) and there are some good roads with minimal stops, right up to Hwy 9.

dragon76 07-28-09 11:32 AM

I haven't tried there yet, no. I will need to check that area out sometime, thanks very much for the tip.

nostromo 07-28-09 11:42 AM

Also if you really want flat and low hassle try Oakville and Milton. I've been out there many times and there are few hills in certain areas and few stops. I see more TT folks out there than out in the Jane/Hwy 9 areas.

dragon76 07-28-09 12:01 PM

Thanks again! I took a quick look at the Duff + Major Mac area on Google Maps and can see it looks very promising. If I'm looking to save my legs for when I actually get to that area rather than ride all the way up there from where I live, then is there a place nearby that I could park a car? Do any of those golf courses mind that I "park 'n' go" as far as you know?


nostromo 07-29-09 05:37 AM

Check for schools or plaza's (mini malls) to park at.

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