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Redbird74 08-03-09 09:46 PM

Saris Bones RS in Toronto?
Does anyone know where I can buy a Saris Bones RS rack in the Toronto area or online in Canada? If not this specific rack, a dealer with a wide range of rack options? Thanks in advance!

RedWhiteandRed 08-05-09 03:02 PM

Sweet Pete's on Bloor has a good Saris selection.

There is Rack Attack for a good selection.

Rack Attack Toronto
127 Laird Drive
Toronto, ON, M4G 3V4
tel : 416.424.1201
fax : 416.424.4475
email : [email protected]

Boudicca 08-10-09 06:35 PM

You could also try Gears in Mississauga or Velotique in the Beaches.

Sadly the prices are much higher than in the States though.

Dan Burkhart 08-10-09 09:01 PM

Any shop with an Outdoor Gear Canada account, (and that's just about any of them) can get you one by next business day, providing OGC has them in stock.

Redbird74 08-12-09 09:43 AM

Thanks everyone for the info. I actually stumbled on one at my LBS (they didn't know they had one by name). Turns out it won't fit on my car overseas, which is why I really wanted to get it while I'm home for the summer. Thanks again!

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