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ejbarnes 08-22-09 11:59 AM

Northumberland County, Ontario.
Any riders from Northumberland County Ontario Hanging around?
I thought that maybe we could use this area to keep each other updated on road construction, Great rides, of course all of the good hills.
Maybe some could get together for a ride.

Windrush 08-24-09 06:29 AM

The Ganaraska Freewheelers cycles in Northumberland & Quinte West. I am not a member but have friends who are and it is a very active club. Just Google for details, Brian is the contact.

ejbarnes 08-24-09 06:38 AM

That is a big club. I do look through their web page every now and then. They do a lot of riding in North'd County.

youcoming 08-30-09 02:17 PM

I ride with the OshawaCyclingClub and yes there are some very good roads and hills to ride out your way. Consder yourself very fortunate.

ejbarnes 09-16-09 07:36 PM

Community Centre road in Baltimore is now a gravel road at about the 1.5KM mark out of town.
Telephone road from Vernonville road to where ever it goes is a great ride. Good Surface and great rollers.

ejbarnes 10-12-09 06:53 AM

Went for a nice ride in Prince Edward County yesterday.
The wind made the ride a workout. I haven't really backed off yet so the effort wasn't really that big. 80K in that type of wind gives you lots to talk about, when you can hear each other.
We started at Bloomfield Bicycle Company, You must visit this place even if only once in your life.
The scenery is an attraction in Prince Edward County and the roads are as well taken care of as Northumberland County... Better than Clarington.
The leaves are almost at peak in Northumberland and a few days behind in PE County.
Enjoy your Thanksgiving.

ejbarnes 10-12-09 06:58 AM

Comunity Centre Road, Baltimore
The Community Centre Road in Baltimore is now paved. Nice smooth Asphalt all the way to North'd Heights road.
Dale road seems to be finished and nice to ride although you will be left scratching your head about the way it has been paved. The shoulder is done in patches... Take a ride, you'll see.

Windrush 10-19-09 06:16 AM

A route to consider in Prince Edward County is from Bloorfield to the Waupoos Pensuila stopping at the apple winery. Continue to Lake on the Mountain and back. Quiet roads. Best in spring when the liliacs line the backroads.

youcoming 10-26-09 08:07 PM

I ride on occasion with the president of the Freewheelers, and many of the members of that club also belong to the Oshawa Cycling Club whom I am member and executive of. The Ganaraska club has a limit point and only allow 45 or 46 members, small but very active club. Was actually out today with Sue, Doug, Joanne, Melissa all members of both clubs.

ejbarnes 10-28-09 06:56 AM

I would love to belong to a club with long rides like the Freewheelers. Maybe I could find the time/ambition to organize some long rides within my own club. (I can sit and wish or I can do something)
Riding with a bunch is a lot of fun. That is what attracts me to events like the "Ride for Heart", (riding on the DVP is darned cool and fun for any level of rider). The "Ride 4 United Way" was a great ride. (A good place to stretch your legs, A ride not to be missed.) I managed to find the Starkville Steeple two or three weeks after the ride. The "Hastings Highlands/Bancroft Hilly Hundred" is a ride that I never want to miss. (Great challenge. Backwards seems to be the hard way.)
I am really going to think hard and try to get involved with my own club and test my organizational skills or lack thereof.

youcoming 10-29-09 07:19 AM

What club do you belong to? And hey next year the ride4unitedway will be starting closer to your home range. At the new complex in Bowmanville, were the theaters are. Going to have HWY2 closed for mass start then make way west for a bit then north. Port Perry will be first stop for long route then basicall onto last years route. Should be an even better ride. I was going to do the Bancroft ride but my Brother-inlaw and I rode to the cottage in Bancroft two days before even. We had 210k on our legs but still ended up doing our own 100k ride the day of Hilly Hundred we just went other way out towards Baptiste Lake, Highland Groove. You should really try that out someday fun beautifull ride. Posted below are the routes for our ride to Bancroft and what I call DeerLake route. Going to ride to cottage again next year but will need to do different route as hwy7 was a very dangerous adventure. Likely take the hwy just before 7 and come up into Havelock from the south. Other than that it was a great ride. Except my Garmin was acting up at the start, it had went back to default settings after downloading new software and was tracking total time not travelling time. I got it working before we got out of Bowmanville thou so it was pretty accurate.

ejbarnes 10-29-09 04:15 PM

You rode right through my back yard.
You could have chosen some different roads. County 45 is not very bicycle friendly.
Someday we will have to get together for a ride.
I will even take your to a hill that show a grade of 26% on the Garmin. It is more lie 20% but seeing the 26 is pretty cool.

youcoming 10-30-09 06:03 AM


Originally Posted by ejbarnes (Post 9949669)
You rode right through my back yard.
You could have chosen some different roads. County 45 is not very bicycle friendly.
Someday we will have to get together for a ride.
I will even take your to a hill that show a grade of 26% on the Garmin. It is more lie 20% but seeing the 26 is pretty cool.

Is it the hill over by the end of Rice Lake? I've heard about it but haven't made it out that way to try and find it. We actually had no big issues on 45 but if you no a better way feel free to pass on info:):thumb:

ejbarnes 11-06-09 08:34 PM

It is the little blip off the course over near Gore's Landing. I like hills both up and down. This hill is fun. Crazy fast fun. Make sure your brakes are in good condition the first time down.

For a day of play. Try Port Hope. Nice short hills for repeats. The danger factor riding down will put a smile on your face, or some stitches in your face.

ejbarnes 03-07-10 04:03 PM

Out for a great ride yesterday and today. The roads are still very sandy. The bicycle paths are covered in road sand and need cleaning. Use you heavy tires.
Very little snow left anywhere when south of the 401 and most roads and paths are dry.
Great week to get out and make the lungs and legs burn.

If you know of any very bad roads or roads under construction please post it and let any one reading know.

ejbarnes 03-28-10 02:39 PM

Waterfront trail seems to have been swept along Highway 2.
Rain has cleaned a lot of the sand away. tonight's rain should allow me to put better tires on.
Happy cyclin'.

youcoming 03-31-10 05:16 AM

I was out near Newtonville on Saturday, Reid Rd is still prertty sandy but better than a few weeks ago. The big hill or what we call Starkville hill is pretty rough towards the bottom. Oh and if you do go out that way watch for the dogs at the end of that road, last house on north side has a couple of bike chasers, never saw them there before hope it's not a perminate thing or I'll have to talk with the owners.

ejbarnes 03-31-10 06:13 AM

Northumberland County is trying to attract bicycle riders.
The Bicycle train will also be making stops in Cobourg this year.

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