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lanternrouge13 05-10-12 12:48 PM

Training In The Grimsby/Hamilton Area

I am travelling to the Grimbsby area of Ontario towards the end of June for a family holiday.We are staying with my wifes family and a condition of this was that I could take my road bike.:thumb:

I was wondering if anyone has any information on club or training rides in the area which I will be able or welcome to hook up with?

I will be stopping for three weeks.

Many Thanks,


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tengoupr 05-16-12 06:39 PM

I've never been to it, but, here's info on one:

Hard Ride with the Ancaster- Oakville Cycling Club, starts first week of May
This club has three well-organized rides per week starting from the rear parking lot of the Ancaster Library, on Wilson street. This is an experienced hard riders group and total ride average speed is around 32-33 kph. This is faster than most area group rides. We do not drop riders without their consent. We stop for mechanicals and flats. Riders must follow Ride Master's instructions: no sloppy pack riding, so everyone stays upright. Insurance required; must join Oakville CC for this purpose ($25). They allow one or two "free rides." Most rides have 8-12 riders. Not affiliated with Ancaster CycleRides meet at 6pm Tuesday, Thursday for 75- 90 km depending on daylight. Saturdays meet 9am, for 100-120km. Contact: Colin Fletcher fletccj(at)

jdon 05-17-12 04:27 PM

Hamilton cycling club as well. I would also check out some local bike shops. New World in Burlington has some decent pace group rides. You will be in a great area for road rides. Enjoy.

lanternrouge13 05-27-12 06:29 PM

Thanks,not long now..

pas 05-27-12 09:53 PM

Hamilton has much to offer to cyclists. You have you flats as well as your winding roads in Ancaster near the Dundas Valley. Some cycling clubs include rides from Periks Cycle, Ancaster Cycle, Scattlon Cycle, and McMaster Univeristy even has a club for both mountain and road. Due to the large number of cycle shops you will have no problem finding a club. Even beating up and down the escarpment as well as some hell grades in Ancaster will suit your needs for whatever you may be training for.

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