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essiemyra 08-06-12 06:13 AM

suggestions for Toronto area
Hi, am looking for ideas on places to ride near Bronte Creek Park campground. We ride either road or mup trails. I would like the ride to be at least fifteen to twenty miles. There will only be two riders. Any suggestions on good places to ride, pretty scenery. Thank-you in advance for your help.

Boudicca 08-09-12 09:14 AM

I don't know the area that well, but the Martin Goodman trail along the Lakeshore is always worth exploring. You can head east toward Toronto and the trail takes you through parks and neighborhoods. The Burlington waterfront is also quite pretty.

Distances: Oakville to Toronto is maybe 50km each way, so perhaps a little further than you were looking for. But you can stop at any time and turn around.

nondes 08-09-12 12:45 PM

Oakvlille is about 10 miles west of Toronto between the nearest points. If you want to explore Toronto trails go here:

Mississauga is in between Toronto and Oakville:

For trails in Halton Region (which includes Oakville) go here:

There's some good, hilly rural road riding in Halton up and down the Niagara Escarpment west of Milton. The routes are not highlighted on the map - others might have suggestions.

Also further afield we like the Elora Cateract Trailway;

It's rural, quiet, scenic, not too challenging - we ride it on our tandem.

Here is the Lake Ontario Waterfront Trail website:

In Oakville the trail mainly runs along roads.

Hope this helps - enjoy your rides!

tastest 08-09-12 01:16 PM

Hi, for a shorter ride you can go around the surrounding neighbourhood to the east. Many of the roads have onroad bike lanes. You can cross the bridge on Upper Middle to get to another neighbourhood.

You can go south to get to the lakeshore, which has the waterfront trail. In Oakville and Burlington it is more on road than trail. Hamilton beach has a great trail (20 min car drive), but can be crowded on warm weekends. Hutch's for fish or hamburgers is very popular.

To the north there are a lot of quieter country roads, with some good climbs if you are looking for such. I live more to the east so not sure of the best route north. Do not ride on Bronte. You could drive 5 minutes to a parking lot for the 407 highway.

Try mapmyride or ridewithgps for some routes. If you want more specifics I will check back to see your questions.

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