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starjag 08-10-12 02:31 PM

Century rides in Toronto, Niagara, Southern Ontario?
Looking for century ride suggestions in Toronto, Niagara, Southern Ontario for 2013. For people that have done this before, what is your personal favourite ride in the area? Best/worst organization? Thanks!

clasher 08-11-12 06:39 PM

There's one around here, that seems like it'd be a nice ride, I've never been so I can't vouch for it, sorry.

Angelo19 08-12-12 03:26 PM

Theres's always Centurion I did the Horseshoe event and it ran well enough.

bmc_rider 08-13-12 12:31 PM

Here is the list I keep....

May 18, 2012

June 10, 2012
Tour de Cambridge

June 17, 2012
Tour de Creemore

July 21/22, 2012
Tour de Norfolk

July 21, 2012
Grand Fondo Ottawa

Aug 18, 2012
3 Port Tour - Aylmer

Sept 16, 2012
Centurion Collingwood.

Here are my quick comments on the ones I have done.

Cambridge - Good ride but because the course is a figure-8 you have to come through the start/finish area which is crowded and very slow (IE: might have to push with one foot instead of pedal). Would be nice if they could route the people not stopping for break around this. Otherwise, a good and very popular ride.

Norfolk - You can ride Saturday, Sunday or both. Well organized and lots of friendly people. Lots of support on the course.

Centurion - Great course and great support. Love the neutral roll out. This year the 100/50M events will be capped at 3,500 riders total.

starjag 08-13-12 01:18 PM

^^ Great list and comments. Thanks!

Cdn Guy 08-14-12 08:49 AM

Go to, which is the largest recreational cycling club in the area and includes many century & metric century rides throughout the season.
In fact, there is a ride to Niagara Falls this Saturday, with return by Go Train. For details, scroll down to "New on the TBN Forum" on the website. Rides are free for members, $5 for non-members.

Boudicca 08-17-12 07:24 AM

I am a great fan of the Pedal 100 ride which goes through the Niagara wine country. But they just cancelled this year's ride, which was supposed to be going on this Sunday.


youcoming 01-18-13 06:23 PM

Ride4UnitedWay in Bowmanville is a great well run ride and very challenging. If you want a bigger challangec with lots of climbing but in ccentral Ontario there is the HillyHundred in Bancroft.

Cowboy905 01-30-13 08:54 AM

GranFondo Niagara Falls


fore0121 02-28-13 01:35 PM

I've always liked this one. Charity ride, lots of options:

jrickards 04-05-13 01:15 PM

Great list people!

There's also the CycleCanada Century on May 25/26 which is 100km each day, Toronto to Barrie, then return the next day.

I'm going to sign up for this one soon and would be interested in pairing up with someone or a group. I'm 52yrs, novice cyclist, commute 32km each day, 3-4days/wk, with some upcoming training rides of 45km, 60km and 100km so I expect to be fit enough to complete both days. Based on previous 60km rides out to camp (hills, dirt road) on which I can average 25kmh, I expect to complete each 100km in 5hrs or less.

Sinnman 04-09-13 09:37 AM

The Steve Bauer Canfondo, September 7, 2013, in the Guelph area.

jrickards 04-11-13 07:00 AM

Tour de Creemore site has changed, it is now

Angelo19 04-11-13 02:13 PM

There are some interesting possibilities this summer. For there person who messaged me, you can do the Horseshoe Centurion course. As long as you're building your km progressively you'll be fine. I did 2 90 km rides leading up to it with some climbs and I survived. For my level, being on a bike for 3.5+ hours was tough. Save some energy early on. I'd reply personally, but I don't have enough post to reply to private messages (???).

davincirider 07-04-13 10:45 AM

My favourite is the Halton Hilly Hundred dutifully saved by Cycle Canada here,

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